AboveTARGET is available as a hosted SaaS solution also know as Cloud service.

Ordering, deployment and payment of the product is made extremely easy. See Home page for ordering procedure SaaS CRM solution is a simple to use, yet rich in functionality CRM SaaS solution which can be
deployed in less than 5 minutes for personal contact management purposes. No product installation.
Just an order over the web and the data space is allocated for your organization. Thereafter
you can define your users and start to work with

Multiple language support

The solution is available in Finnish, Swedish, English and Estonian. Each user can choose which language to use in the screen dialogues. Event Management Solution Event Management is an extended feature of the CRM-application. It can be used
stand-alone but typically it is used as an integrated seamless extension to the
CRM processes. With the Event Management solution companies that are arranging seminars,
webinars, exhibitions and other events where there are many participants, can
automate and manage the whole registration process. Click here for a demo.

AboveTARGET Insurance Broker System

The AboveTARGET Insurance Brokerage Management vertical application extends the
License Management components of the basic AboveTARGET system to cater for
insurance related information. You gain a complete overview of your customers
insurances and you can provide the better service. This information will, if
you install the invoicing module, enable you invoice the customers for
insurances and your commissions and produce reports that the government
requires in certain countries. (Windows Client/ Server only).

AboveTARGET Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

The optional AboveTARGET invoicing module is totally integrated with AboveTARGET. It
includes a traditional invoicing and accounts receivable system as well as a
sophisticated way to produce regularly multiple invoices with a click of a
button based on the License or Insurance Portfolio information.

AboveTARGET Equipment Management and Service

The optional service module includes features to help companies that
provides machines and tools to manage the service process and to integrated the
service process with invoicing.

AboveTARGET Reach Only Representative  solution

The special developed ROR extension provides extensive features for ROR
Companies to manage the complete Chemical Substance registration process and
every aspect of communication that is involved.

AboveTARGET Member Society Extension

The special developed Member Society extension provides extensive
features for Memebership Societies to manage the complete process of their

Summary can be tailored for virtually any type of companies to help
them to manage their work processes. The smalles companies using the product
are one man private entrepreneurs. The largest companies have more than 50
people using the product.