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Dpros SAP Toolbox

D’PROS solutions simplifies many data manipulation and analysis processes in SAP ERP. The solutions enhance standard SAP functions, by providing more automation, functionality and ease of use for end-users.





D’PROS solutions enhance the usability of SAP an various areas. D’PROS high ROI products allow its customers to maximize and enjoy to the fullest their SAP investment. D’PROS prides itself in providing its customers solutions to real and often painful problems, tightly aligned with its customers business objectives and practices.

D’PROS product portfolio adds immediate business value by increasing efficiency, performance, agility and flexibility. Ultimately, D’PROS portfolio ensures business improvement, sustainability and operational excellence, to manage and optimize high value business processes.

D’PROS products add an invaluable , SAP Certified, layer to the existing ERP systems, by converting systems which were a burden to the company into a business catalyst, as business and IT are totally aligned. D’PROS products are seamlessly incorporated and integrated into existing ERP environments, allowing business and IT managers to maximize their investment is their existing ERP systems.

D’PROS products ease and friendly installation and usage, without affecting existing environments, allow its users to make the most of the enormous data volumes. It brings immediate business value by increasing efficiency, performance, agility and flexibility.

For more information about the product package click here.


D’CHANGER is a comprehensive yet simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use search tool for the huge SAP log activity database. This extremely practical tool can be used daily to trace changes made by MDM team members or business users. The product complements Winshuttle products in Master Data related tasks.

For more information about D’CHANGER click here.


D’IDOC is a groundbreaking solution that dramatically boosts the efficiency and speed of a high volume IDoc search. It enables Businesses to drastically reduce processing time.


D’PLISHER is a great product that automates ALV data reporting, scheduling, and distribution to any data format, on any media, any time.


D’RAINBOW is an amazing tool that bridges the distance between SAP and Excel by enabling users to directly apply formats and formulas to the report’s data directly – all within SAP.


D’NOTIFER is a comprehensive notification and alert system that supports your company’s business rules and critical processes.


D’MANAGER is an efficient solution that provides end-to-end (E2E) management for the complex process of applying changes and transports across the SAP system.


Manage Related Processes, Risks, Controls & Tasks. It provides preventive and detective controls with relevant data from SAP through automated periodic alerts.

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