Winshuttle Business Value Assesment

Presenting the financial rationale for improving SAP business processes and overall ERP usability is a critical deliverable for justifying resource commitments for SAP business process development, deployment and ongoing enhancements. Winshuttle’s Business Value Assessment program (BVA) is a methodology that analyzes existing SAP business transactions and provides a set of diagnostics related to SAP process improvement. The key outcome from the BVA is a comparison of process savings realized by using Winshuttle as an alternative to the SAP GUI.

The BVA program is based on results from a 24 month customer study analyzing Winshuttle usage. More than 1,500 SAP users participated in interviews, surveys, focus groups and resulting log file submission/analysis. The net result is a comprehensive BVA methodology and database representing over 150 million SAP records processed covering a broad range of SAP transactions. Using the results from the BVA report, decision makers can easily identify key business processes that will result in a more efficient SAP operating environment across all SAP modules. Features of the report include:

  • Identification of key SAP users by transaction frequency and complexity
  • Identification of high yielding transactions based on correlated savings as recognized by existing customers executing the same SAP transactions
  • A module by module view of every single transaction processed and the days saved
  • A listing of custom transactions that would make good candidates for Winshuttleoptimization

The BVA program reports can be produced also based on your individual SAP usage data.


This webinar is primarily designed for business functional groups who are have deployed SAP in their organization. Specific business areas that benefit from Winshuttle’s BVA program include finance and controller directors & analysts, supply chain management, sales & distribution users, human capital management directors & analysts and information technology management teams.

Why should you attend ?

After the seminar you will have an understanding of the possibilities the BVA program can provide to you to analyze your SAP usage and in which areas you could improve you your business processes.

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