About us


ADSOTECH is a Finnish provider of IT solutions and infrastructure products, established in 1985. ADSOTECH delivers IT solutions to enterprises ranging from small companies to the largest enterprises in the Nordic Countries to support them in their business processes and day-to-day management of their IT infrastructure.

ADSOTECH has a long-term experience of different organization’s operational business processes. This know-how combined with the utilization of the newest technologies has produced solutions that have resulted in successful investments for our clients. Examples of these solutions are different CRM solutions as well as the exploitation of mobile devices.

Our mission is to provide general purpose IT infrastructure software products and associated services to corporations in all Nordic Countries in order to maximize the availability and efficiency of legacy and e-commerce applications and to minimize the risk associated in using these systems. The products are developed by major software suppliers mainly from the USA.

ADSOTECH’s own product, AboveTARGET, is a unique CRM and Relationship Management product available as a Saas service.

AboveTARGET integrates also with the Microsoft Office Calendar and Address Book and provides synchronization of customer and calendar data to PDA devices that synchronize with MS Office.