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Agentil – Pro.Monitor

Pro.Monitor is an innovative monitoring solution for SAP, deployed on several of the largest implementations in the world.

The monitoring solution has been designed to help businesses to improve the quality, security and productivity of their SAP ecosystem, in a cost effective manner.

The solution uses expert knowledge and best practices to watch your critical components and detect problems in real time. A strong focus has been set on simplicity and ergonomics.

Regardless if you have outsourced the monitoring and management of you SAP systems to a ServiceProvider you will benefit of using Pro.Monitor.

If you have your own Basis team responsible for managing your SAP systems, we offer you an easy to use use, yet comprehensive and innovative and affordable solution that you can implement in 2-3 hours.

If you have outsources the management to a service provider, you can offer our solution to them to make their work more efficient and also to monitor how they  reach their SLAs.

One of the most esteemed Pro.Monitor clients is a leader in it’s market. They have more than 30 SAP systems. They subcontract the management of their systems to one of the world’s largest IT Service Providers. The outsourcing agreement has Service Levels defined. The client does not have the time and resources to verify that the Service Provider is providing the expected service levels. How could they control that they are getting the service that they are paying for?

Pro.Monitor offers the client visibility on the proper functioning of their systems by giving precise data on the date, time and nature of incidents. It allows the client and the Service Provider to work in full transparency in a trustworthy environment. They ensure that SLAs are honoured to avoid any disputes.

Pro.Monitor High-Lights

We want to deliver expertise and efficiency, without complexity to prevent downtime, improve performance, optimized monitoring cost and extend your monitoring

24/7 Real Time Monitoring at a very low cost! 

  • All components of you SAP environment will be checked all day long
  • Alerts and metrics are generated based on customizable monitoring profiles
  • An advanced surveillance engine allows a very flexible configuration of the monitoring
  • Appropriate persons will be notified automatically as soon as a problem of their concern occurs

Expert Monitors

  • Based on years of experience and best practices, Agentil has  tailored an own set of monitors
  • It has been designed to address the specific needs for the watch of a large SAP landscape
  • Pro.Monitor does not rely on CCMS to collect SAP metrics  making the monitor more accurate and reliable
  • Pro.Monitor is however 100% compatible with CCMS and can discover any of its metric on the fly


  • Automatic generation of daily check reports save hours of manual checks per month
  • Generates usage analysis reports for capacity planning


  • You don’t need to install anything on your SAP systems: No agent, no transport
  • Our solution will connect remotely to your systems via SAP standard protocols, preserving the security set in place
  • We simply need a communication user with a secured authorization profile

Integration with ServiceNow and SAP Cockpit

  • Monitor integrates with ServiceNow and SAP Cockpit and brings a single view of the whole SAP environment