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Business Process Automation

Creating and maintaining correct strategic data assets in your ERP is critical to your business processes.
For this you need automation software with deep SAP integration which allows you to maintain your stewardship and compliance whilst allowing the end users to enter data in the correct front end, whether it be web forms or Excel. 

Adsotech bring you business process automation using Winshuttle's Evolve platform.

The Evolve platform allows you to build workflows with an intuitive, no/low-programming approach to automate high touch, data intensive processes across the organisation.

With Winshuttle's deep SAP integration and validation tools, business rules are built into the process ensuring the data is correct first time.

These validation tools such as look-ups and checking for duplicates 


ensures the

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With EnterWorks, up-to-date product details and specifications are shared seamlessly across all touchpoints. EnterWorks helps maintain “single truth” product information, with the ability to publish product content easily through multiple channels. These include online and print catalogues, eCommerce and SAP ERP. EnterWorks’ versatility makes it the solution your enterprise needs!