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Business Process Automation

Creating and maintaining correct strategic data assets in your ERP is critical to your business processes.
For this you need automation software with deep SAP integration which allows you to maintain your stewardship and compliance whilst allowing the end users to enter data in the correct front end, whether it be web forms or Excel. 

​When to use Business Process Automation

  • The data supports critical business processes ​

  • Getting the data wrong has costly consequences​

  • It’s taking too long to create and change the data​

  • Collecting data is complicated & involves many teams​

  • The data is complex and can span many objects​

  • There’s a high volume of data create/change requests​

or when Data, business rules, and processes:​

  • Vary across business units & geographies​

  • Are subject to audit​

  • Must be compliant​

  • Change frequently​


Who Needs SAP Automation?

Master Data Teams

looking to eliminate manual processes and improve data quality

Enterprise Automation Teams

who struggle with automating SAP processes

Business Teams

who rely on SAP data to run their business

Finance/ Accounting Teams

who have Excel processes already in place

Why do organisations need SAP Automation?


Speed up business processes through workflow automation and efficient Excel to SAP automation

Improved data quality

Integrated data management means data is first-time right every time

Better governance

Increased governance ensures better business processes and reduced risk

Automation that’s built for SAP

The unique complexities of SAP require specific automation expertise

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