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Every Angle for SAP reporting and analytics

Founded in 1996, Every Angle is a Dutch software company with a user base of over 6000 across 30 countries. Primarily for SCM, HR and FICO, the Every Angle software offers dynamic SAP reporting and analytics (data is typically updated once or twice per day).  Via the Every Angle server (below in grey), Every Angle users are able to extract SAP data in three different ways.  First, the Every Angle power users extract the SAP data and choose the angles, structure and specificity of the reports.  For the lower end-users, they view the full report provided by the power users and can easily take action via the Every Angle SAP transaction, ZEA03. Lastly, for higher level management, the reporting is presented in a birds-eye, dashboard view, ideal for quick and easy analysis.

 Every Angle SAP transaction

Every Angle SAP transaction

The Every Angle system is a custom made add-on for SAP ERP that is specifically designed to answer user questions based on SAP data. It is empowered with all the knowledge of the complex SAP data structure and business processes, based on hundreds of man years of research and development.  Check out the three minute demo below from ADSOTECH’s Tom Barthell.

If you like what you see, reach out to us at  Via webinars and trials, our support team at ADSOTECH specializes in guiding your evaluation of Every Angle and our other solutions.  Also, you can find much more content regarding Every Angle on their website:

Every Angle News – Advanced System

Every Angle is an international software company driven to empower people who work in organizations running SAP 

Every Angle

This software company does this by providing business users with an out-of-the-box, self-service BI tool which enables people to easily access and analyze data content from SAP from any unique angle.

Every Angle delivers intuitive, analytical intelligence for a variety of organizational roles across all business processes. The actions and decisions people make are therefore a result of clear visibility of SAP data, leading to improved process performance and an immediate realization of business value.

The Every Angle software is added on top of SAP and uses smart in-memory technology to extract pertinent SAP data. The built-in intelligent fields create links between related topics and provide transparency throughout the different business processes, such as; Procure to Pay, Supply Chain Management, Order to Cash, Finance & Control, Human Resource Management and Plant Maintenance.

Companies all over the world using SAP have chosen Every Angle as SAP add-on tool. The end-to-end process visibility, that Every Angle provides, enables business users to monitor their day-to-day activities so they can detect bottlenecks, zoom in on the root causes of these bottlenecks and take preventive measures. These “Operational Business Analytics” provide any business user with a competitive edge in preventing bottlenecks turning into problems, guaranteeing a well-run business process. This leads to results such as: better customer service levels without increasing stock levels, cost reduction and a reduction of working capital, reducing costs while increasing sales and/or improving customer satisfaction while improving margins.


Every Angle has developed into an advanced system that offers valuable functionality to SAP organizations and SAP users worldwide. Every Angle is used by more than 15,000 users in more than 40 countries worldwide in several industries such as: discrete manufacturing, retail, wholesale, food & beverage, non-food consumer products, automotive, fashion, utilities, processes & chemicals and pharmacy.

Every Angle has a substantial and fast-growing customer portfolio, which includes: Bridgestone, The Coca Cola Bottling Company, Heineken, Konica Minolta, Maxeda, Cargill, Astellas, Philips, Fox Head, Tommy Hilfiger, Perfetti van Melle, BASF and Gasunie. To view a list of companies using Every Angle, you can follow this link. The Every Angle Solution is described in the words of Brett Frankenberg, Director of Supply Chain Planning for The Coca Cola Bottling Company, “Every Angle becomes part of our Enterprise Reporting Strategy. It’s the idea of someone saying ‘what if?’ and then being able to take that ‘what if’ into a system to get information. Then you see the light bulb go off to say ‘I can change my business process and I can get a result.’ It’s the notion that these are things that your folks can do, not managers, not high paid analysts, but your folks can do if they have access to information.”