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Winshuttle User Group Webinar

Winshuttle User Group Webinar

Winshuttle User Group Webinar

Automation, robotics, and hybrid solutions

December 14, 2017, at. 15:00 -16:15 CET

Join us to find how Adsotech is inventing new ways
to automate processes and pushing the boundaries
of Robotics using Winshuttle tools!



The Webinar will explain how Excel’s additional plug-in capabilities and the technical capabilities of the server-based Winshuttle Foundation platform can be utilized to get your process automation to the next level.

The purpose of the webinar is to provide you new ideas with sample cases and to uncover the technical details so that you can discover new and innovative ways to utilize Winshuttle.

We will also take some time at the end of the webinar to talk about our new supplier D’Pros and introduce their solution to automate reporting and information sharing processes.




The Webinar Agenda

Case Study:
Winshuttle as part of the Blue Prism’s robotic processes

  • Let’s have a look at the setup and pin down why Winshuttle is made part of it “Automation of the Automation?” Booting/starting Winshuttle from the command line
  • Exporting/Importing Excel data from multiple folders to SAP with just one mouse click
  • Starting and using Winshuttle scripts as part of a robotized process
  • Winshuttle scripts inside Excel VBA code


Winshuttle Foundation – Tools, Forms, and Automated Background Processes

  • Automatic start or continue processes when a change occurs in SAP
  • Supplementing and Acceptance of Data on Form, during the running automation processor between the automation steps
  • Foundation as a general SAP integration platform


10 min Extra: D’Pros automation solutions for operational reporting, event-based automatic reporting to just right people – or process. Importing Excel properties/features into SAP.

Pease NOTE!

If the webinar is of great interest to you but you are prevented from attending, let’s arrange an appointment where we can discuss these topics tailored to your needs, processes, and goals! We also appreciate if you forward this invitation to the right / interested party despite he or she might not be the Winshuttle user in your organization!

Winshuttle käyttäjäryhmä -webinaari  | Teemana Automaatio

Winshuttle käyttäjäryhmä -webinaari | Teemana Automaatio

Winshuttle käyttäjäryhmä -webinaari | Teemana Automaatio

12. Joulukuuta 2017, klo. 15:00 -16:15.

Adsotechin Tuomas ja Jan laittavat tehokkaammat propellihatut päähän kertoakseen, miten Winshuttle:n käyttöä automatisoidaan ja miten tätä kannattaa hyödyntää osana Robotisoitavia prosesseja.


Webinaarissa kerrotaan niin Excel latauksiin liittyvistyvistä lisäautomaatio -mahdollisuuksista kuin serveripohjaisen
Winshuttle Foundation -alustaan liittyvistä teknisistä mahdollisuuksista työn ja prosessien automatisoinnissa.

Tarkoitus on sekä visioida että puhua teknisistäkin yksityiskohdista, jotta saisitte uusia ideoita!

Webinaarin loppuun kerromme parilla sanalla uuden toimittajamme D’Prosin ohjelmistoista ja mahdollisuuteen
automatisoida raportointia ja tiedon jakamiseen liittyviä prosesseja


Ilmoittaudu webinaariin tällä.


Webinaarin agenda

Case Study: Winshuttle osana Blue Prism -robotilla toteutettua prosessia

  • Käydään prosessi läpi ja kerrotaan miksi Winshuttlea kannatti käyttää osana sitä.

”Automaation automaatiota?”

Winshuttlen käynnistys komentoriviltä:

  • Winshuttle ajojen käynnistäminen ajastetusti
  • Useamman Excelin sisältämän datan vieminen kansiosta SAP:hen yhdellä hiiren napautuksella
  • Winshuttle scriptien käynnistäminen ja käyttäminen osana robotisoitua prosessia

Winshuttle Foundation
– Työnkulut, lomakkeet ja Automatisoidut taustaprosessit

  • Prosessien automaattinen käynnistäminen tai jatkaminen kun SAP:ssa tapahtuu jokin muutos
  • Tietojen Täydentäminen ja hyväksyminen lomakkeella kun ne siirtyvät järjestelmästä tai prosessin vaiheesta toiseen
  • Foundation yleisenä SAP -integraatioalustana

Extra: 10 min Extra: D’Pros automaatioratkaisut operatiiviseen raportointiin, tapahtumapohjainen automaattinen raportointi
juuri oikealle ihmiselle – tai prosessille. Excelin ominaisuuksien tuominen SAP:n sisälle.

Mikäli tämän webinaarin teema kiinnostavat sinua, mutta olet estynyt osallistumaan, sovitaan tapaaminen jossa voimme keskustella näistä juuri teidän tavoitteita ja prosesseja silmälläpitäen! Arvostamme myös jos välität tämän kutsun oikealle/kiinnostuneelle taholle, jos hän ei ole Winshuttle käyttäjä teillä!


ADSOTECH Seminar invitation: SAP MDM and Application Data Management

ADSOTECH Seminar invitation: SAP MDM and Application Data Management

ADSOTECH Application Data Management Seminar
Oslo, Aarhus and Copenhagen

Empower Business Teams to get the Data Right


Oslo – Thon Konferenscentrum,  on the 21st of November 2017, 08:30 – 15:00
Aarhus – Radisson Blu, on the 22nd of November 2017, 08:30 – 15:00
Copenhagen – Island Hotel, on the 23rd of November 2017, 08:30 – 15:00




Empower business teams to get data right -Seminar Invitation


Join us at our Application Data Management seminar to learn more about how ADM can fill the gap between true Enterprise Master Data and other Application Master Data. Case studies and real-life examples will be shared at the seminar helping to provide a good understanding of this emerging discipline of ADM and how it can bring tangible value to your organization.

We at Adsotech Scandinavia want to talk about the operations side of the business, specifically data management especially as many organizations, are now seeing data as a strategic asset. A necessity to be able to do a digital transformation is to enable the organization to manage larger quantities of data and to adapt to a higher pace of change. To do this you need to find a balance between the need for central data governance and the need for agility.

The seminars starts with light breakfasts at 8:30 and lunch will be served between 12:00 – 13:00. In the afternoon you can join us for Winshuttle product demonstrations showing how ADM principles are applied in practice. The Seminar will be finished at 15:00.

Register today to secure your place on November the 21st at the Thon Konferenscentrum, Universitetsgatan 26, 0162 Oslo.


Christer Mäkelä
CEO, Adsotech

Register to Seminar


The seminar is based upon the recently published book by Insider Books,
Application Data Management (ADM) written by Vikram Chalana, CTO of

The book can be ordered from Insider Books.

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with
Adsotech Scandinavia.


Webinar invitation

Webinar invitation

Webinar invitation

15.11.2017, 10:00-10:45 (CET) / 11:00-11:45 (EEST).

Are you confident that your SAP system is not suffering of hidden issues?



As someone who is responsible for overseeing the service levels and system quality of your SAP environment, your team will no doubt already be using SAP’s EarlyWatch and possibly even some highly sophisticated 24×7 performance monitoring tools to check on detailed system performance.

However, on a day-to-day management basis, how do you get to see your ‘key metrics’? i.e. the data that provides you with a real sense of the day-by-day, month-by-month, year-by-year comparative health and performance of your SAP environments, and with it, the ability to challenge your technical team or outsourcing partners with this trending information?

  • Are our batch processing failures getting better or worse?
  • How many process documents such as invoices or updates are stuck because of processing errors?
  • Which t-codes are missing their SLAs?
  • Why did our licence count just shoot up?


Are you sure that your SAP system is not suffering of hidden performance issues?

PinPoint for SAP
plugs the gap between 24×7 granular monitoring or ‘moment-in-time’ checks to provide SAP managers with a rich set of daily key performance and system health indicators along with trending charts to give a clear picture of the historical and progressive health of your environment.

Please join our short webinar on Nowember 15th to show you how PinPoint for SAP, which runs as a software-as-a-service, plugs the gap between 24×7 granular monitoring or ‘moment-in-time’ checks to provide you with a broad, highly relevant set of SAP key performance, health and trending metrics and charts.


Register for the Webinar Here!