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Every Angle for SAP reporting and analytics

Founded in 1996, Every Angle is a Dutch software company with a user base of over 6000 across 30 countries. Primarily for SCM, HR and FICO, the Every Angle software offers dynamic SAP reporting and analytics (data is typically updated once or twice per day).  Via the Every Angle server (below in grey), Every Angle users are able to extract SAP data in three different ways.  First, the Every Angle power users extract the SAP data and choose the angles, structure and specificity of the reports.  For the lower end-users, they view the full report provided by the power users and can easily take action via the Every Angle SAP transaction, ZEA03. Lastly, for higher level management, the reporting is presented in a birds-eye, dashboard view, ideal for quick and easy analysis.

 Every Angle SAP transaction

Every Angle SAP transaction

The Every Angle system is a custom made add-on for SAP ERP that is specifically designed to answer user questions based on SAP data. It is empowered with all the knowledge of the complex SAP data structure and business processes, based on hundreds of man years of research and development.  Check out the three minute demo below from ADSOTECH’s Tom Barthell.

If you like what you see, reach out to us at  Via webinars and trials, our support team at ADSOTECH specializes in guiding your evaluation of Every Angle and our other solutions.  Also, you can find much more content regarding Every Angle on their website:

Best practices and technologies for optimizing Microsoft Excel-based SAP financial and operational reports and budgeting

Watch the latest webinar from Global Software, hosted by SAPinsider:

Best practices and technologies for optimizing Microsoft Excel-based SAP financial and operational reports and budgeting.

Live Webinar: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 Time: 2:00 pm EST/11:00 am PST Duration: 60 minutes (including Q&A).

Hear firsthand from DM Petroleum Operations Co. about the pain points and challenges the company experienced in its spreadsheet environment,and how the company overcame these challenges using Microsoft Excel-based automation tools. By attending, you will learn:

  • How to leverage existing SAP® reports in Excel and eliminate the need to rekey, download, and export data
  • Best practices to access SAP financial, budgeting, and operational environments without the need for data warehousing, data marts, and other middleware (Compatible with SAP HANA®)
  • Methods to empower users to develop reports tailored to your organization’s unique needs in a timely fashion without heavy reliance on IT
  • How to gain increased time savings, departmental analysis, and efficiency; timeliness of budgeting process; better visibility of financial (and any other departmental) data across the entire organization; and enhanced spreadsheet security

Register for this webinar today. If you miss the live event, we’ll send you an on-demand link so that you can watch at your convenience. 

Featured Speaker: 

Germaine Gross Manager, Budget and Reporting, DM Petroleum Operations Co.

Caitlyn Ashton-Gill Product Information Director, Global Software, Inc.

Sponsored by: 

Global Software

Global Software

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