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ADSOTECH seminar in partnership with Winshuttle

ADSOTECH seminar in partnership with Winshuttle

ADSOTECH seminar in partnership with Winshuttle

Empower businessTeams to get the Data Right
Copenhagen 30th of August 2017, 8.30 – 12.30, Island Hotel.

Digital transformation, the buzz word of the moment, but what does it mean to you? It is a change to the all components of a business; from its operating model to its infrastructure. What it sells, to whom and how it goes to market. A digital transformation programme touches every function of a business; from purchasing, finance, human resource through to operations, technology, sales and marketing.

We want to talk about the operations side of the business, specifically data management especially as many organizations are now seeing data as a strategic asset. A necessity to be able to do a digital transformation is to enable the organization to manage larger quantities of data and to adapt to a higher pace of change. To do this you need to find a balance between the need for central data governance and the need for agility. Your ERP system is your most important system which needs to be maintained with high quality and timed data.

Join us at our ADM seminar, hosted in partnership with Winshuttle, to learn more about how ADM can fill the gap between true master data and other application data. Case studies and real-life examples will be shared at the seminar helping to provide a good understand of this emerging discipline of ADM and how it can bring tangible value to your organization.

The seminar starts with alight breakfast and ends with a lunch from 11.30 – 12.30. Register today to secure your place on 30th August – Island Hotel, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Limited Space, Register now !

The seminar is based upon the recently published book by Insider Books, Application Data Management (ADM) written by Vikram Chalana, CTO of Winshuttle.

The book can be ordered from Insider Books.

For further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the organiser Adsotech.

SAP breakfast seminar with WINSHUTTLE, 11.5.2017 in Copenhagen

SAP breakfast seminar with WINSHUTTLE, 11.5.2017 in Copenhagen

SAP breakfast seminar with WINSHUTTLE, 11.5.2017 in Copenhagen.

Come and hear how you can automate your SAP ERP and make the Business run smoother!

Breakfast seminar with Winshuttle 11.5.2017, Copenhagen, Imperial Hotel Chopenhagen.


Reasons to join:

  • The event is free of charge and provides the opportunity to network with other companies running SAP, having similar data and business challenges.
  • See how to save time and secure governance by automating uploads and downloads to all SAP modules (SD, MM, FI/CO, HCM, etc.) and Netweaver based SAP systems.
  • Hear the stories of other customers and how they have successfully reduced costs, reduced errors and down times.
  • Prepare to migrate to S/4HANA by learning more about how migration can be facilitated through SAP Excel integration.


Seminariet starts at 8:30 and ends 11:00. Breakfast is included.

Keynote – Hear from Winshuttle’s Nordic Territory Manager, Henrik Nyberg on common obstacles to data management and emerging best practices that successful companies are applying in order to stay ahead in the digital world and to better prepare for innovations like moving to S/4HANA.

Case Studies – Hear how local companies have already transformed their business by using Winshuttle to automate SAP processes, reduce processing times and operational costs.

Demos – Say goodbye to slower processes, unnecessary work, and bad data. See for yourself how easy it is to keep ahead of the innovation curve by:

  • Seamlessly moving data to and from SAP and Excel, right from your desktop.
  • Deploying applications that automate SAP data entry and governance directly A

Sign up here!

ADSOTECH | SAP breakfast seminar with WINSHUTTLE, 11.5.2017 in Copenhagen

Frukostseminarium med Winshuttle 10.5.2017, Stockholm, Radisson Blu Royal Viking

Frukostseminarium med Winshuttle 10.5.2017, Stockholm, Radisson Blu Royal Viking


Varför bör du delta:

  • Eventet är gratis och ger möjlighet att nätverka med andra företag som kör SAP och har liknande data- och verksamhetsutmaningar.
  • Se hur man kan spara tid och säkra governance genom att automatisera upp- och nedladdningar till alla SAP moduler (SD, MM, FI/CO, HCM, etc) och Netweaver baserade SAP system
  • Hör andra kunders berättelser och hur de framgångsrikt har minskat kostnader, reducerat fel och kortat ledtider.
  • Förbered dig att migrera till S/4HANA genom att lära dig mer om hur migrering kan underlättas genom SAP-Excel integration.



Seminariet börjar 8:30 och slutar 11:00. Frukost ingår.
Keynote – Winshuttles Nordenansvarige,Henrik Nyberg, berättar om vanliga utmaningar inom Data Management, de best practices som vuxit fram och hur företag framgångsrikt använt dem. Hör hur man gjort sig redo för ökad digitalisering och förberett sig för att migrera till S/4 HANA.
Case Studies – Hör om hur andra SAP kunder har utvecklat sin verksamhet tillsammans med Winshuttle för att automatisera datahantering i SAP och hur de reducerat processtider och minskat kostnader.
Demos – Se med egna ögon hur snabbt och enkelt det kan vara att automatisera långsamma, manuella eller e-mail baserade processer genom att:

  • Enkelt flytta data mellan SAP och Excel och använda Excel som gränssnitt för repetitivt arbete och massuppdateringar.
  • Få på plats processer där man automatiserar datainsamling när nya leverantörer, material, etc ska skapas. Med enkla webgränssnitt, workflow och regler kortas processtider och governance säkras.
  • Få kontroll på datakvalitet, compliance, säkerhet och behörighet i din datahantering.

Onsdag den 10:e Maj 2017

8:30 – 11:00


Radisson Blu Stockhom Royal Viking

Vasagatan 1

101 24, Stockholm


Anmäl dig här!




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