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What are you doing the week of October 16, 2017?

What are you doing the week of October 16, 2017?

Vanguard Security & Compliance™ 2017, the most advanced cybersecurity educational summit dedicated to System z®, has been announced and I wanted to make sure that you were one of the first to know.

“Vanguard has consistently produced the most intense knowledge-based educational forum. It is virtually impossible to quantify how many cyberattacks have been thwarted due to the advanced training delivered by Vanguard’s subject matter experts since our first event in 1987”, stated Brian Caskey, Chief Marketing Officer at Vanguard. Caskey further commented, “with increased threat levels, cyberattacks have become mainstream and we see new threats from more venues than ever before, with threats from Internet of Things, Ransomware and Malware like MIRAI and others, there are unlimited paths into an organizations infrastructure and more risk than ever before.”

Vanguard Security & Compliance™ 2017 will bring together global cybersecurity leaders from private industry, government agencies and Vanguard’s own cybersecurity experts to deliver the most complete knowledge-based training to secure and defend networks, distributed systems and IBM System z®. This event is ideal for information security and compliance professionals from public and private sectors to benefit from the most advanced cybersecurity training available in the marketplace today.

This premier gathering of enterprise security experts will deliver the most current information through skillful instruction on cybersecurity threats, protection strategies, system configuration and compliance in a proven format structured to provide the highest quality learning experience. This intense curriculum offers five (5) educational tracks with more than sixty (60) sessions over four (4) days. Through a series of focused workshops and hands-on labs, attendees will ave the opportunity to earn up to 21 CPE credits.

Vanguard Security & Compliance™ 2017 will be held at DFW Airport Marriott South in Fort Worth, Texas, Monday, October 16 through Thursday, October 19, 2017.  Register now at

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Vanguard Webinars

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