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New Customers

New Customers

ADSOTECH is pleased to announce the delivery of 3 new customers. Winshuttle TRANSACTION has been delivered to a Norwegian Wintershall AS, a corporation in the oil and gas exploration industry and to Byggmakker AS a  corporation in the retail segment. The third customer is our first customer in Latvia a Winshutle Studio user, Light Guide Optics International Ltd.

Winshuttle Training

Winshuttle Training


Winshuttle Training

Are you looking to enhance your knowledge in Winshuttle TRANSACTION? ADSOTECH is offering training on basic and advanced features of our most popular SAP solution. We provide classroom training at our ADSOTECH office, as well as online training via webinars.

Our classroom trainings are extensive and hands-on. They include exercises with our in-house experts that will prepare you for any situation you might encounter when using Winshuttle TRANSACTION.

To view more regarding our training, please click here.


The First Danish Winshuttle User Group

The First Danish Winshuttle User Group

Throughout the Nordic region, ADSOTECH encourages Winshuttle users to network and learn from eachother.  On March 25th, 2014, the Danish Winshuttle users met at Meneta A/S to share techniques and strategies for reaching their full potential with Winshuttle.

Karsten Salin, an SAP Business Analyst for Meneta A/S, appreciates the value of connecting with Winshuttle users in Denmark so he did not hesitate to volunteer his company as the first DWUG host.  A Winshuttle user for the past several years, Karsten has mastered the art of Winshuttle script development and generously shared his techniques for linking scripts and automating complex SAP processes.  All in all, thanks to Karsten and all the attendees who contributed, everyone left the event a more powerful Winshuttle user.

Check out the video below for highlights from the first DWUG!

The next DWUG is scheduled for Fall 2014 at DLG. More info is coming soon!

For more on Winshuttle solutions, check out the Winshuttle website!

If you would like more info on ADSOTECH events, services and solutions, e-mail


Winshuttle’s Business Value Assessment

Winshuttle’s Business Value Assessment

Winshuttle’s precise Business Value Assessment tool is another example of the Winshuttle team going above and beyond their competition, by allowing you to estimate potential productivity benefits.

Based on over 500 million SAP records updates from thousands of customers, Winshuttle’s BVA compares your current SAP usage (i.e. transaction durations) with the baseline transactional data from Winshuttle users.  After correlating your current SAP usage with median Winshuttle transaction times, the BVA estimates your specific transaction improvement opportunities based on time savings and cost reductions.

Check out the clip below where ADSOTECH Account Manager, David Nelson, walks you through the BVA basics.

For a rough estimation of your savings with Winshuttle, check out the ROI calculator.

For more general information on Winshuttle’s BVA, check out the Winshuttle website.

E-mail us at to arrange a BVA, demo or free trial of Winshuttle solutions.

At Carestream, Winshuttle Is the Right Prescription for Enhancing SAP Productivity

Carestream is a healthcare technology manufacturer and service provider with a presence in 170 countries around the world. An industry leader for more than 100 years, the company offers thousands of healthcare solutions including RIS/PACS, enterprise workflow, cloud-based services, and more. Carestream global headquarters are located in Rochester, New York, with more than 7,000 employees worldwide. In 2011 alone, the company generated approximately $2.4 billion in revenue.


Carestream relies on SAP to manage a wide range of day-to-day functions across the enterprise, from finance to HR to supply chain logistics. For years, however, the company depended on ABAP programmers to manage changes to master data processes in SAP, using HP QuickTest to fill in the occasional gap. “As we prepared to migrate to ECC 6.0, we saw a great opportunity to move away from our dependence on ABAP,” says Mary Farmer, Supervisor for Applications andTechnical Solutions at Carestream. “We were ready to take a more flexible, user-friendly approach to managing SAP master data.”

As the company moved forward with its ERP upgrade, other factors emerged to create a more urgent need for an ABAP alternative. “In the middle of our migration, we brought a subsidiary into our SAP landscape, and they had been using a different ERP system,” Farmer explains. “We quickly realized that business users at the subsidiary were unable to manage large-scale changes, because there was no easy way to coordinate data between SAP and their legacy system.” Additionally, Carestream’s data steward team was struggling with massive churn associated with master data material, pricing creation, and maintenance processing.

The conclusion was clear: Carestream needed a framework that would empower business users to manage master data across dynamic and variable environments. “Users at our new subsidiary needed to make multiple changes to materials and pricing across multiple records, and they needed to apply those changes across both SAP and the legacy ERP system,” says Farmer. “It was a complex problem with far-reaching implications for the business, and we wanted to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”


When Farmer and her team began searching for an ABAP alternative, Winshuttle quickly emerged as the solution to beat. “Quite frankly, there was no real competition,” she says. “As a mature enterprise, we always go for the best- of-breed app. We expect solutions to deliver a full feature set, sophisticated auditing capabilities, and all-around rigor. Winshuttle met and exceeded our standards and expectations, and nothing else came close.”

At Carestream, business users aren’t allowed to change SAP data directly. Instead, all changes to master data are routed through a coordinator known as a “steward,” who works with managers in Finance, Logistics, and Product to expedite approvals. “For our subsidiary with legacy ERP, we’ve streamlined the entire data approval process using Winshuttle Foundation to automate the entire master data creation process from the original request to the final validation and update to SAP,” says Farmer. “The workflow is structured with loops, so we can bounce it back and forth between the different parties and retain a history of all comments and interactions. That captures all of the decisions and rationale in one place.”

Winshuttle is also very helpful in “cleaning up” data, especially for tasks that were once a major impediment due to the sheer volume of records. “Just last month, I needed to update 20,000 billing items because someone entered a bad date,” says Farmer. “In another case, we dropped 5,000 table indexes during our SAP upgrade process. Those mistakes no longer require days of backtracking—we simply create a script to address the problem, run the script, and move on.”

Since implementing Winshuttle at Carestream, adoption has occurred at a monumental rate. “In less than a year, we’ve used Winshuttle to upload more than 1.7 million records to SAP,” says Farmer. “It’s now an integral part of our day-to-day operations.” Specifically, Carestream relies on Winshuttle for Master Data to create efficient workflows using simple SharePoint-based forms. Winshuttle Transaction automates data transfer, Winshuttle Foundation helps distribute the solution via automated workflow throughout the organization, and Winshuttle Query makes it easy for Farmer and her team to extract data and create reports. Meanwhile, Winshuttle Central offers high-level visibility and control across the entire SAP environment.


For Farmer and her team, the benefits are clear: Winshuttle simplified the upgrade to ECC 6.0—and will make future upgrades even simpler. “We’ve retired 100 ABAP programs in SAP,” she says. “We didn’t need to convert them and test them during the migration. We simply walked away from them. We also walked away from an external support provider who helped us maintain those ABAP programs. Winshuttle made it possible for us to eliminate external support and do it all in-house. That represents a huge operating expense savings for us.”

Winshuttle provides flexible, easy-to-use tools that reduce IT burden and enhance operational efficiency. “With our previous tools, we were able to perform blunt-force data transfers, but that was it,” says Farmer. “Now we can fine- tune our management of master data, and business users can author SAP transactions without submitting an IT request—even for one-off changes. That’s quite a trifecta: more functionality, happier users, and less administrative burden for our IT department.”

With the historical master data creation and maintenance transaction detail automatically stored in Winshuttle Foundation, Carestream can rely less on email correspondence—a benefit both in terms of productivity and compliance. “Previously, our SAP approval process would result in an onslaught of emails, and it was easy for key decisions to get lost in the shuffle,” says Farmer. “These forms reduced our email load considerably. Just as important, the clear documentation helps establish accountability, which is very important from a regulatory perspective.”

For Carestream, Winshuttle is already an indispensable tool, and will become more so as the organization continues to grow. “This software makes it easier for us to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, especially as we acquire more subsidiaries and bring them into our environment,” says Farmer. “We no longer require two months to make a small change in SAP. That makes us more agile as an enterprise—which adds to our competitive advantage.”

To get the Carestream customer story in pdf, click here