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Adsotech Customer Success Program

The Adsotech Customer Success Program is a free of charge initiative, designed to ensure our key customers get the most out of their Adsotech partnership and solutions.

To do this, we arrange a scheduled recurring call (ideally monthly) with key users and stakeholders, to discuss:

  • 12 month strategic plan and future usage

  • Free Training sessions to develop users skills and increase product adoption

  • Create a living Business Value Handover document in case of any changes of ownership of the product/solution

  • Statistical analysis if requested


Increase Product/
Solution Adoption

  • Scheduled repeating calendar meetings (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly)

  • Creating user community to share ideas

  • Meetings with our support to provide tips and tricks

  • Analysis of Usage (permission and data needed)

  • Trainings and Events

  • Focus Groups

Decrease risk of

  • 12 Month Strategic Plan

  • Discuss current challenges

  • Changes in business or SAP landscape

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Increase Visibility

  • Introduction to new business units

  • Case Studies/ Guest Speakers to introduce new ways of working

  • New product features and developments

Free Training Sessions

We can use the scheduled session to arrange free training sessions. A training module can be chosen in advance from the list below. If the scheduled one hour call is not enough to cover your training needs, Adsotech offer tailored training. More information on the tailored training can be found here.

Business Meeting

Session #1

Module 1.1 Winshuttle basics

The ‘Record-Map-Run’ -process

Module 1.2 Read from SAP

Extracting data from SAP 

Session #2

Module 2.1 Loop functionality

Do while loops & multiline functionality

Module 2.2 Excel forms

Cell based mapping

Module 2.3 Recording modes

Overview of various recording modes

Session #3

Module 3.1 Dynamic scripts

Introduction to script conditions

Skip screen, Conditional update

Adding missing screens

Module 3.2 Linked scripts

Creating script chains

Session #4

Module 4.1 File attachments

Adding file attachments with Winshuttle

Module 4.2 Long texts

Managing long texts with Winshuttle

Module 4.3 Runner usage

Publishing scripts

The Excel add-in

Module 4.4 Troubleshooting

Solving common script issues

Reporting issues to Adsotech


Microsoft Teams

Many of our customers use Microsoft Teams as a platform to share ideas, tasks and documents.​

These Teams channels normally get the most usage if they are set up on the customers Teams site and invite your Adsotech contact as a guest, but if this is not possible Adsotech can set up a customer specific Teams channel on the Adsotech site.

Typical usage of the Teams channel would include:

  • Discussion around the topics for the next call

  • Storing of the recorded training sessions

  • A tab for creating an Adsotech Support ticket

  • Sharing Excel files and even scripts if not using Studio Manger or Evolve

Business Value  Documentation

This document is to function as a guide/handover document and will incorporate reports from the Winshuttle Governance Platform and Adsotech support ticketing system.

It will contain useful information such as:

  • Customer Background

  • Key Contacts and Users

  • Main Usage Areas

  • Business Value

  • Summary of support issues

  • Summary of training

  • 12 month high level strategic plan

Business Meeting
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