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Appsian Security focuses on cross-platform ERP data security, compliance and SAP license optimization. ProfileTailor GRC (by Appsian Security) is a user-friendly, easily deployed and fully automated risk management solution for organizations of all sizes.


ProfileTailor GRC delivers unprecedented visibility of actual, real-time authorization usage; significantly improving security, while reducing fraud and leakage of sensitive data. It is the only solution that uses sophisticated AI technology to detect and alert behavior deviations in real-time, including deviations from segregation of duties and established GRC policies.


ProfileTailor GRC is implemented externally to your ERP systems and is up and running within days. Whether your objective is to increase SAP security, optimize licensing costs, streamline authorizations or manage and maintain compliance, Appsian Security solutions will help you reach all your enterprise efficiency targets quickly, easily and with no interruptions to running SAP systems.

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