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Our events

ADSOTECH arranges seminars, User Group Meetings, and Focus Group Meetings in the Nordic region to provide networking and learning opportunities.

Our events for this year are nearly all done and we are planning our schedule for 2018.  

Thank you to everyone who participated!

SAP Productivity Days

Twice a year, we will trek across Scandinavia to various capital cities with one goal in mind: to open the eyes of SAP-users to the most cutting-edge automation tools available in today’s world. Attendees will learn how to identify where improvement can be made (i.e. data security, analytics, workflow, etc.) and determine the best possible solution to their needs.

Online Webinars

Our schedule of online interactive demos for our solutions can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Previously ADSOTECH was running monthly training webinars but these are now available as recorded videos on the Training section. The focus on webinars will now be more focused on specific topics and more interactive.

User Groups

The Winshuttle User Group conferences are the best opportunities to network with Winshuttle users, learn from experts, and even exchange scripts. You’ll discover all that’s possible with Winshuttle and will be inspired with new ideas to take home to continuously improve your SAP processes. With all of that, plus Winshuttle training, these are events you won’t want to miss!

Other Events

We regularly organise other types of events, such as classroom trainings and product seminars. Our product seminars introduce our solutions in more detail, and explain how they can help you improve your IT productivity or security. We provide certification training for Winshuttle TRANSACTION, which typically lasts two days. Visit our training page for more info.

Upcoming Events

The first half of 2018 is packed with Winshuttle training events, both webinars and on-site training. In addition, we will arrange product webinars and seminars covering our other offerings. There are interesting events both for our customers as well as prospective customers. We will also be at SAP Finug and SAPSA IMPULS. Look at our 2018 Events Calendar.

The next Winshuttle User Group event will be in conjunction with SAPSA Impuls 2017 in Arlanda. The event is a short 2 hour event.

Do you want to attend any of these events? You may sign up to one of our events with the links below. Don’t forget to check out Adsotech’s past events page for info about our previous events!


2018 ADSOTECH Events Calendar

The calendar shows the events for the first half of 2018.