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2 new customers

ADSOTECH is pleased to announce the delivery of Winshuttle to  2 new customers.       Winshuttle TRANSACTION has been delivered to a Danish and Norwegian NETS,           The second customer is to a Winshutle Studio user,...

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New Customers

ADSOTECH is pleased to announce the delivery of 3 new customers. Winshuttle TRANSACTION has been delivered to a Norwegian Wintershall AS, a corporation in the oil and gas exploration industry and to Byggmakker AS a  corporation in the retail segment. The third...

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Strong start for Q3

ADSOTECH signed an agreement to deliver financial workflow processes to a global consumer goods industry Company. The delivery contains Winshuttle Foundation as well as workflow application development services to the customer.

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SAPSA Vårimpuls

SAPSA Vårimpuls Come and visit our booth at SAPSA Vårimpuls. You can participate in a competition where the objective is to make master data changes to materials in SAP as fast as possible. At SAPSA Impuls I November 2016 in Stockholm the fastest time was an...

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Winshuttle launches new website

Winshuttle has launched a  new version of their website. The website is well structured and provides a wealth of information about the  solutions.  We strongly suggest that you study what is available on the new website. We at ADSOTECH have also launched a month ago a...

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Solutions for SAP improvement

  Solutions for SAP improvement Our ADSOTECH team at SAPSA VårIMPULS 2015 in Gothenburg, presenting solutions for SAP improvement. Based on our presentations, 2 Swedish companies located in southern Sweden decided to implement Winshuttle products. In the picture...

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