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Our Promise

We will be honest when communicating the features and capabilities of our software, and the problems it can solve for you. We will enable you to evaluate our software completely before you make a decision to acquire it. We deliver the products and services on time according the agreements we make with you. To put is simple: We always keep our promise.

Our Staff

Our qualified staff has on the average over 30 years experience in the IT software industry and are always prepared to work hard with you to transform your challenges to success and business profitability. We serve our customers with the same high quality of work and passion regardless if our customer is a large enterprise or a small private entrepeneur. Let ADSOTECH’s solutions be the answer to your needs.

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are independent software providers, leaders in their own space. Our oldest suppliers have been in the industry already over 30 years.

Our suppliers share the same values as we do.

Our Values

Our foremost values are honesty, trustworthiness and high quality of work. We use working methods that minimize Carbon Dioxide pollution. This means that we do not necessarily see customers face to face so often but instead we can meet you almost instantly over the internet. Training is also provided in digital format via internet.