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Product Information Management

Product Information Management, PIM is the common name of solutions for centralized product information management and processing. Product information is often spread across different systems, departments, and in many Excel files. This fragmentation of product information into different channels is often a result of the limitations of the ERP system, eCommerce webshops and other systems used to maintain the product information as well as integration between the systems.

Managing and transferring product information generates challenges for employees and additional costs for the company when, for example, sales spend their time hunting for product information, or marketing tries to update their product catalogs and web shops. Files are lost and someone has forgotten to share the latest Excel file with updated product information. Who knows if the latest pricing information has been updated? Can these already be published?


Winshuttle EnterWorks

We deliver a PIM and MDM solution, EnterWorks. EnterWorks collects and aggregates all product information from a variety of sources into one place. EnterWorks allows you to enrich the collected product information and take the information forward to all sales and service channels effortlessly. What does it sound like to have all your product information, such as inventory balances, images, manuals, videos, and product text, always up-to-date and accessible to all departments from one place?EnterWorks facilitate the management of product information in online stores and integrates information between all systems. Imagine that when product pricing changes are made in the ERP system, the changes will be automatically applied where ever they are published in digital format. However, the benefits of EnterWorks extend beyond online webshops – in fact, you don’t even need an online webshop to get the most out of EnterWorks’s features. EnterWorks is an excellent addition to the sales and marketing toolkit. For example, easy-to-print catalogs directly from the system, always with up-to-date product information, need to be an easy addition to the day-to-day work of sales.

In Summary, the Winshuttle EnterWorks Product Information Management (PIM) and MDM solution helps organizations manage and syndicate all of their product content and digital assets from a single source of truth. Through a centralized PIM syndication solution, organizations can ensure that verified, up-to-date product details and specifications are shared seamlessly across all touchpoints. When you need a “single truth” of product information to ensure and maintain product data quality with the ability to publish product content easily to multiple channels, including online and print catalogues web shops and SAP ERP, the Winshuttle EnterWorks Product Information Management (PIM) is the solution.

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