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ADSOTECH has signed a partnership agreement with Grey Monarch Ltd to market PinPoint for SAP service in all Nordic countries. PinPoint for SAP is a cloud service through which employees from the CIO level to the SAP Basis team level can monitor the SAP system’s health on a daily and longer-term perspective with over more than a hundred critical indicators

The implementation of the service is a quick and simple process. Data is collected daily at night and sent via an automated email to the Grey Monarch server. You can analyze data at any time through the browser interface. If the service detects critical deviations, a daily alert message will be sent to responsible persons automatically.

Once a month, you’ll receive a monthly summary in PDF format.

Why do you need a PinPoint service when you have outsourced SAP to a production service provider or receive SAP Early Watch reports?

  • The service provider takes care of daily production and strives to meet the SLA requirements. PinPoint for SAP gives you the ability to analyze together with your service provider activities on a longer-time perspective and monitor the service level experienced by your users and the usage trends of the SAP system.
  • SAP’s Early Watch provides a snapshot of a specific moment while PinPoint for SAP provides a snapshot of critical issues every day as well as a possibility to analyze the health of SAP via a very intuitive web interface…

PinPoint for SAP is so easy to use and inexpensive (starting from 16.00 EUR/day/SAP monitored system), that it’s added value is undeniable considering also the ease of deployment. PinPoint for SAP can have an unlimited number of users. The price is per SAP system and not per user. The 16.00 EUR introductory price is valid for all new users who enter into a subscription agreement by 30.9.2017.

Take a look at the system via a 5 minute video.

We also offer a trial access. After a week of data collection, you can clearly see the benefits of the service.n Just let us know if you are interested in the experimental use.