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Busy period set to continue as customers continue to sign up for the latest Winshuttle upgrades

It has been an extremely busy start to the year for Adsotech as many customers have taken the opportunity to upgrade the Winshuttle licenses to the latest version, Studio 20.2. Some customers have also added the Studio Manager platform to allow the users the option of executing and scheduling runs on the server whilst giving an extra layer of governance and control over the licenses and scripts.

These upgrades will help our customers to ensure the timeliness and quality of their data helping them to deliver hydro energy to the Swedish and German markets, deliver farm supplies such as vitamins and minerals, services and energy to Northern Europe and control the maintenance of the railways in Sweden to name but a few.

The busy period is expected to roll on into the summer as our customers such as are eagerly requesting training and introductions to the Query tool that is included in the Studio package.

This comes, following the Precisely acquisition of Winshuttle last year and the news that older versions of the Winshuttle tool will no longer be fully supported by Winshuttle from September 2022 and the Transaction tool will no longer be available as a standalone product, but be included in the Studio tool.

If you would like to find out more about how this effects you, you can reach out to us or book a time directly into our calendar:


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