Winshuttle solutions allows you to speed up processing of most SAP transactions and to easily update or create Master or transactional data in SAP by loading data from Microsoft Excel, Access or even workflow based web forms and mobile devices – all without any traditional programming.


Winshuttle products are intended for SAP consultants, Master Data Teams, as well as business end-users as these tools empower the end-users to take control of their own SAP data management tasks and reduce their dependency of busy IT developer resources. The products are also aimed for SAP-specialists to make them more efficient, typically to replace LSMW work in migrations.

The products can be delivered in different versions, all depending on customer requirements. Following is a short overview of Workgroup and Enterprise versions.

Product versions

Winshuttle products are available as workstation products as well as enterprise version server products. For workflow development and governance additional Winshuttle products are available. The workgroup products are TRANSACTION, QUERY and DIRECT that can be purchased as a package named STUDIO.The Enterprise products are the STUDIO products and FOUNDATION.


Our users have gained large savings by using Winshuttle products. The usage of SAP becomes easier, the
quality of data improves. Complex processes taking sometime 30-40 minutes can be shortened to a few minutes.
Repetitive tasks performed by a large number of users can be improved and made easier thus saving
hundreds of man days per annum. One of our users claimed that he he did in 2 months  work that would have taken 4000 hours without the TRANSACTION product.

Matti Häkkinen

Matti Häkkinen

Matti Häkkinen, CEO @ Mineon Oy

The main benefit of Winshuttle TRANSACTION is the possibility to simplify and automate complex processes like Material Creation which includes several transactions… Winshuttle TRANSACTION software provided by ADSOTECH has been in a key role in the development of processes for efficient data maintenance with shorter response times.

Our customer base in the Nordic countries constitutes of large well know corporations, e.g. ABB, Anglo-Nordic, Basware, Ericsson, Caverion, Chr.Hansen, Cargotec, Certia,Componenta, Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskap, Ekornes, Expert A/S, Fazer, Fiskars, Gassco, Finnish Defence, Finnish Post, Helsinki City, Helsinki University, HK-Scan, ISS, Istekki, Jyväskylä City, J. Kärkkäinen, Kesko, Konecranes, Maersk Oil & Gas, Metsä Group, Meneta, Microsoft Mobile, NIB Nordic Investment Bank, Norsk Gjenvinning, Norgesgruppen, Norsk Hydro, Novozymes, Outokumpu, Onninen, Opus Capita, Outotec, Orion Pharma,Perstorp,Roulunds Braking, SSAB, Sandvik AB, Saint Gobain, Sanoma Magazines, Siemens, SJ, SKF, SOK, Stora-Enso, State Treasury Finland, Statoil, Statkraft, Telecomputing, Taitoa, Tieto, Tampere City, UPM, Vestas Wind Systems, Vinmonopolet, Vikens Skog, Wärtsilä.

Workgroup Products

Winshuttle products can be used for applying e.g. FI, MM, SD, PM, HR mass changes or transactional data, migrating data from external systems into SAP, data cleansing, creating ad hoc reports and automating queries, and automating routine SAP tasks without programming.

Winshuttle products work across all SAP modules and products and are ideal for creating and changing material, vendor, employee records, info types and much more. Most of the SAP transactions that are based on SAP GUI can be automated with Winshuttle products.

Enterprise Products

Winshuttle products can also be used to develop workflow processes in SharePoint on top of SAP, without traditional programming and without any changes to SAP. Workflow processes are typically used by large organizations to automate business processes for a large number of users.

Typical workflows are related to Material Management, HR, and Financial processes. Companies that have a large number of users for workgroup products, typically convert to the Enterprise version where uploads can be scheduled via servers and governance facilities are more comprehensive.


Case Studies

Hydro Aluminium Norway

Learn how Hydro, a Fortune Global 500 supplier of aluminum and the fourth-largest integrated aluminum company worldwide, uses Winshuttle Transaction to implement major organizational changes with unprecedented accuracy and speed, greatly reducing the time associated with regularly scheduled uploads.

Maersk Line, Denmark

Learn how Maersk, a leader in the transportation and logistics industry, uses Winshuttle solutions at numerous global service centers to increase productivity, redeploy employees to higher value tasks, and significantly reduce errors and corrections.


Learn how Winshuttle helped Centrica, a leading integrated energy company, save time while performing essential data updates and reduce the cost of uploading employee information to SAP.

Fazer, SAP Migration and FI Process Automation

Learn how Karl Fazer, a leading bakery company in Finland and one of the leading companies in the Baltic Sea area and Russia, used Winshuttle TRANSACTION to solve time consuming SAP migration projects which saved them 50 FTE and improved productivity in master data and transactional processes.

Meneta, Denmark - MDM processes

Learn how Meneta is using Winshuttle to improve their productivity in master data management, save time related to product specifications and significantly reduce data errors.

J. Kärkkäinen, Finland - Retail Pricing and MDM

Learn how J.Kärkkäinen successfully used Winshuttle to reduce errors in data entry and save time.

Nordic Winshuttle User Group

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Nordic Winshuttle User Group where you will be able to share scripts,
view tips and tricks, network with other Winshuttle users, and discover
a great source of Winshuttle information.

Visit our Online NWUG

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Every Angle

Every Angle

Every Angle allows you to develop intelligent SAP reports and queries in a fraction of the time it takes with standard SAP tools.


The Every Angle system is a custom made add-on for SAP ERP that is specifically designed to answer user questions, based on SAP data. It is empowered with all the knowledge of the complex SAP data structure and business processes, based on hundreds of man years of research and development.

Every Angle is an ideal addition to SAP BI (BW) for operations management. The implementation is short and has always been within budget. Every Angle contains in-depth knowledge of typical company and SAP processes and provides this knowledge to SAP users in an easy way via the Live Objects technology. The product quickly improves business performance through stocks & bottleneck analysis. It includes dashboarding for operational, middle and higher management and is, of course, certified by SAP.

What Every Angle has to offer to you and your organization:

Ideal addition to SAP BI (BW) for operations management

All Every Angle customers use Every Angle next to their SAP BI to fulfill operational information requirements. Every Angle provides fast and flexible overviews that classic systems just cannot supply.

Rapid implementation, on-time and on budget, with results far exceeding expectations, as always!

After just a few days of implementation and training, your Every Angle business users will be able to create any report or complex analytics right from your SAP system. Start with a small pilot project and see for yourself how surprisingly easy it is to immediately improve your business.

Real in-depth built-in knowledge of Supply Chain, Human Resources, Financials and Plant Maintenance combined with SAP expertise

At the heart of Every Angle is the ability to apply an in depth knowledge of real world Business Processes to the SAP system. Every Angle has invested over 100 man years to overlay every detail of SAP process flows, customizations and complex data structures with relational processes and formulas to create ready-to-use analytics in all areas of your SAP system.

Quickly Improve business performance through stocks & bottleneck analysis

Using the smart SCM analytics of Every Angle you can ensure that all of your operational people receive a daily Action–Do list in their SAP Gui. Customer service levels should improve as stock levels and lead times drop inversely.

Fast and flexible Dashboarding for operational, middle and higher management

Advanced business users can now easily manage their own KPI Dashboards with the Every Angle Dashboard Engine, replacing a lot of Excel handwork with a dashboard that is more informative, proactively useful and maintainable.

The Why and How of deploying ‘Lean in Finance’

In finance ‘lean’ is something relatively new, while lean in production environments is something which has been deployed for several decades. It’s time to show finance departments the benefits of the lean way of working. That’s why Every Angle and TriFinance have developed a FiCo module (Finance and Controlling) for Every Angle users and all SAP ERP users that don’t use the Operational Performance Management solution Every Angle yet. The solution will benefit financials and controllers because they can quickly combine all sorts of financial data they can’t combine in SAP. According to Johan Reunis, Competence Center Manager Controlling & Reporting at TriFinance, the lean methodology is perfectly applicable in finance, and it should be much broader implemented. More information about Lean in Finance.

Master Data Management

With every Angle Rapid development features you can profile and analyze your master data easily and quickly, produce Excel files of data to be changed. After necessary changes made, thae corrected data can be loaded back to SAP with Winshuttle TRANSACTION, available from ADSOTECH.


Every Angle: Operational Performance Management made easy. Fast, simple to use and very effective!
An implementation of Every Angle is always on time, on budget and it delivers more than expected.

Every Angle Performance Management
With Every Angle you can turn Performance Management (PM) into an easy, flexible and affordable solution:

• Measure (EA-Dashboard Engine)
• Analyze (EA- power user Core system)
• Improve (Action-lists daily refreshed in the SAP-GUI)

Certified by SAP, Standardized and controllable

As a SAP-Certified add-on, Every Angle simplifies your IT landscape; replacing countless custom made ABAP-reports, reports based on MS Access, MS Excel, SE16 as well as a myriad of manual tasks.

Customer cases

Listen and see how different companies are using Every Angle and what the benefits are:

For more information about the product and many other customer cases, visit Every Angle website .



D’PROS solutions simplifies many data manipulation and analysis processes in SAP ERP. The solutions enhance standard SAP functions, by providing more automation, functionality
and ease of use for end-users.