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Case Studies

Learn from the Case studies all over the world how you too can solve your business problems with Adsotech’s advanced software technology!

WINSHUTTLE Case studies

Maersk Line, Denmark

Maersk Line Plots a Course to Savings with Winshuttle for SAP Financials 

“We’ve realized substantial savings from Winshuttle, and with no application performance issues. And with Winshuttle’s simple interface, we’ve actually seen increased usage in SAP which means a higher ROI on our ERP investment.”
– SAP Architect Maersk

Hydro Aluminium, Norway

“The basic features of Transaction™ are very easy to use, and the advanced features can be learned with just a bit of training. We’re using it more and more every day – we keep discovering new opportunities for time savings in every module.”

– Thomas Holte, System Consultant, Hydro

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Meneta, Denmark

Meneta Eradicates Master Data Management Bottlenecks with Winshuttle

“I often feel money spent on software is wasted. Purchasing a Transaction Runner license is the first time I feel I have actually gotten my monies worth and that it is paying for itself.”

– Karsten Salin SAP Business Analyst, Meneta

Pactiv Corporation, USA

Pactiv Generates Significant Revenue Gains and Improves Productivity with Winshuttle

“Due to the time savings we’ve seen with Winshuttle, I haven’t needed to add head count even as the company continues to expand.”

– Joseph Wieczorek, Director, Master Data Organization
Reynolds Leveraged Services

Alpina Savoie, France

Alpina Savoie Rolls Out Winshuttle to Maximize Competitive Advantage at a Low Cost

“We could have accelerated the data upload process by building a custom program, but the development costs would have been too high,” says Freychet, now general manager at Alpina Savoie.

Harris Scarfe, Australia

Harris Scarfe Buttons up Material Master Data Processes, Saving $400K AUD with Winshuttle

“The cost to implement Winshuttle in relation to what you’re going to get is really good. It’s better than using LSMW and
rolling that out against your user base – Winshuttle is so much easier and much more flexible than LSMW.

– Gert Jan Klaver, Supply Chain Solutions Manager
in IT and Shared Services,
Harris Scarfe

Centrica, UK

Winshuttle Powers Mass Uploads of HR Data at Centrica

“With Winshuttle, our HR provider can complete bulk uploads much faster, so we are charged far less. That brings our costs down significantly, allowing us to reinvest those savings into other areas of the business.”

– Julie Hunt, HR Business Solutions Analyst, Centrica

Fazer, Finland

Fazer Saves Time and Improves Data Quality in SAP Migration Processes and Data Entry

The usage of Winshuttle TRANSACTION started already in 2008 in migration and Master Data related tasks. SAP was rolled out gradually to new business units. The usage of LSMW in the migration processes was in certain tasks too complex and Winshuttle TRANSACTION was chosen as a complimentary tool. Since then, the usage has grown gradually with more users and a broader usage in terms of transactions automated with Winshuttle TRANSACTION.

Canadian Post, Canada

Canada Post Delivers Automated Data Loading to SAP Users

With over 72,000 SAP users, Canada Post has one of the largest SAP implementation in North America. Canada Post began their SAP implementation in 2000 and is currently on SAP version 4.6D with enterprise portals 4.7. Canada Post has implemented the SAP HR, EHS, FI/ CO, SCM, CRM, EBP, Event Manager and ESS products.

Hubbell Incorporated, USA

Hubbell Advances SAP Data Quality with Winshuttle

“During our SAP implementation, and for 11 months following, we relied on a data migration and management group that helped us with the day-to-day migration of data from 16 systems going into SAP,” said Paul Cahill, Director of Information Technology at Hubbell.

Rowan Companies, Inc. USA

Rowan Drills Down Costs with Winshuttle’s ERP Usability Solutions

“We have saved so much time that we consider Winshuttle worth the cost just for the journal entry input”

– Andy Hart, Assistant Controller,
Rowan Companies

J. Kärkkäinen, Finland
Learn here how J.Kärkkäinen successfully used Winshuttle to reduce errors in data entry and save time.
Carestream, USA

At Carestream, Winshuttle Is the Right Prescription for Enhancing SAP Productivity

“Now we can fine-tune our management of master data, and business users can author SAP transactions without submitting an IT request—even for one-off changes. That’s quite a trifecta: more functionality, happier users, and less administrative burden for our IT department.”

– Mary Farmer, Supervisor, Applications and Technical Solutions,
Carestream Health

Wessanen, Nederland




“We hebben onze MDM-strategie gebouwd aan de hand van vijf onderdelen”, vertelt Karel Siemerink, hoofd Enterprise
Information Management bij Wessanen. “Die vijf bouwstenen zijn: Governance, Standards, Architecture, Deployment
en Quality.”

Southwark Council, GB

Winshuttle Pays Off for HR Department at Southwark Council

“We’re very conscious of the fact that we’re spending public money, so of course we’re always looking for ways to make the most of our resources,” says Lynn Farrell, SAP HR and Payroll Manager at the Council. In fact, our leadership made efficiency savings a central part of the Council’s internal agenda for 2008.”

XPANDION case studies

Compelled to address SoD issues within the company – specifically on order to cash and procure to pay processesScapa set out to find an affordable solution for long-term monitoring and management. Scapa was discouraged to realize that the market-available options required integration into SAP, long implementation and SAP expertise.

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Hadassah Medical Center

A pioneer in adopting innovative technologies, Hadassah Medical Center began implementing SAP® over a decade ago, addressing extended functionalities such as logistics, financial, HCM and more. By 2010, Hadassah required a reliable monitoring and management solution that would assist in controlling SAP activities, as well as handle authorizations within the company, specifically HR/HCM module users.

operates over 100 management systems spread across the company’s global offices. Each system has multiple users running numerous applications, all consisting of different authorization systems.

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Libelle case studies

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) automatize and optimize SAP updates and system copies with Libelle SystemCopy
“When billions of transactions and deliveries rely on your IT infrastructure, it’s good to know that it is performing at its best, avoiding any mistakes and waste of time! Libelle and WSS helped us in the pursuit of this goal”. Miglena Mladenova, Systems Architecture and Administration Services Manager


To automatize and optimize SAP updates and system copies, Coca-Cola HBC has chosen Libelle SystemCopy software, a solution distributed on the Italian market by WSS Italia…..

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Gaz Métro - Automating SAP® System Refreshes with Libelle SystemCopy
Gaz Métro refreshes their Test and QA environments of their standard production support landscape of 3 systems after each delivery of changes they do, a total of 7 per year. This means a minimum of 21 clones to 6 non-production environments per year. They also perform clones in their Sandbox and special project landscapes, averaging another 16-20 clones. That results in an average of 40 clones per year, according to the basis team.

Without a way to automate and simplify this process, Gaz Métro had to sacrifice an entire working day per clone per refresh, meaning that for 40 days of the year, the basis team was working solely on refreshing the SAP® environment.

Libelle provided Gaz Métro with a proof-of-concept demonstration of the Libelle SystemCopy tool, showing how installing Libelle on their systems would dramatically decrease the time and resources required for their system refresh procedures……

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Reference Gaz_Metro_CA_EN

“We recommmend DBShadow to our customers when they ask for our hosting services. We are convinced DBShadow is a modern, sophisticated and complete high availability solution suitable for even the highest demands. This partnership improves our standing with our customers” Olaf Salzer, Key Account Manager, Elaxy


Stonebranch case studies

Stonebranch’s Independent Scheduling Agents solution integrated seamlessly with GuideOne Insurance’s mainframe and distributed environments, saving time, money and resources. “Because of Universal Agent, 10 percent of three full-time employees’ time was recovered, averaging a savings of $32,000 annually,” says Sandee Lehman, Data Center Manager for GuideOne.

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Coop Denmark achieves near-100% workflow automation by switching to Stonebranch solution. Coop Denmark operates 1,200 stores with 38,000 employees. It has a 38% share of the Danish grocery trade. The company uses a mainframe and many distributed, open systems to process its data. As it grew, it acquired smaller grocery chains and needed to integrate their IT systems as well.

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FirstOntario Credit Union automated disparate job scheduling tools with Stonebranch’s Universal Agent. “By automating our processes, there is no need for manual intervention and the amount of time and resources dedicated to our job scheduling process is greatly reduced,” says Michael J. Walsh, Director, Enterprise Technology at FirstOntario.

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LVM centralized Java batch scheduling with Stonebranch’s award-winning Universal Agent, we are able to seamlessly monitor and manage our new WebSphere XD-based insurance application flows from our proven job scheduling environment, without having to hire new employees or purchase additional management tools,” says Jürgen Falk, Project Leader at LVM.

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JN Data
JN Data Streamlinesd and standardized its job scheduling environment thanks to Stonebranch. “We can now run operations in a standardized way. Both Jyske Bank and Nykredit can be handled with the same tools, ensuring that all job scheduling is secure and compliant. We can be more productive instead of dealing with maintenance and production issues,” says Kim Kvist Hansen, Section Manager for Operations Planning.

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