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Product demos

Find our product demos below:


Winshuttle Videos (english)

3 Examples of Financial processes (4:54)


Look at a short 4 minute demo about Winshuttle TRANSACTION


Non-SAP Workflow Demo



Demo – How to create your first Winshuttle Direct script



See how Composer enables authors to use a single, integrated design environment to create the entire solution, including UI, workflow, validation rules, and data connectivity.

Salesforce data management with Winshuttle

Look at Winshuttle  for Salesforce demo here!

asapFlow Integrator and asapFlow Poller

Watch the asapFlow Poller demo below!








Winshuttle demos in Finnish

WINSHUTTLE Ostotilaukset ja toimittajatiedot


Winshuttle Excel demos (eng)

1. WINSHUTTLE Pricing Condition Demo (4:40)

2. WINSHUTTLE Vendor Creation Process Demo (3:05)


3. WINSHUTTLE General Ledger Excel Workflow Demo (3:38)






Power Point Presentations

Click HERE to see the Power Point Presentations of Xpandion!