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Product demos

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Winshuttle Videos (english)

3 Examples of Financial processes (4:54)


Look at a short 4 minute demo about Winshuttle TRANSACTION


Non-SAP Workflow Demo



Demo – How to create your first Winshuttle Direct script


Salesforce data management with Winshuttle

Look at Winshuttle  for Salesforce demo here!

asapFlow Integrator and asapFlow Poller

Watch the asapFlow Poller demo below!








Winshuttle demos in Finnish

WINSHUTTLE Ostotilaukset ja toimittajatiedot


Winshuttle Excel demos (eng)

1. WINSHUTTLE Pricing Condition Demo (4:40)

2. WINSHUTTLE Vendor Creation Process Demo (3:05)


3. WINSHUTTLE General Ledger Excel Workflow Demo (3:38)






Webinar hand-out  ‘The new fat burner for your roles: SAST Self-Adjusting Authorizations’

Operating SAP systems require you to well optimize its user authorizations. This is about how you achieve optimal lean roles in an automated way with SAST and beeing prepared for the next SAP license audit.

Self Adjusting Authorizations

How to secure HANA database and S/4HANA

Following the arrival of SAP’s new S/4HANA business suite, intuitive SAP Fiori user interfaces, and the SAP HANA in-memory platform for big data analysis, there is nothing left standing between you and the next generation of business software. Or is there…?
For virtually every company, making the move to SAP HANA involves a platform transition with many important security aspects to consider. New installations of HANA are not inherently secure, after all; in fact, some releases contain open vulnerabilities that need to be identified and addressed.
The transition to S/4HANA, meanwhile, requires you (at minimum) to migrate or redesign your authorizations. This is because its new processes have made some transactions obsolete while adding new variants. In SAST Suite, we offer a holistic solution that is designed to support your approach to risk analysis and role creation. It also includes an audit-compliant role template and a framework of S/4HANA rules that can aid you in addressing risks and SoD conflicts.

SAP S/4HANA Security and Migration considerations



Power Point Presentations
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