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Many of our solutions are considered robots, since they perform tasks automatically and with greater efficiency than humans. For example, Winshuttle solutions can out-perform employees in master data updates and transactional data processing by a factor of over 90 %.

Winshuttle's Appeal to Automation Teams

  • Deep Integration with SAP

  • Complementary to general purpose RPA tools

  • Flexibiltiy to adapt

  • Integrated Workflow

  • Mass Data Management Capabilities

Case study

One of our customers in Norway has linked 29 different SAP transactions to be executed automatically one after the other.

The saving this customer, or actually the individual user has achieved was over 4000 hours work hours during a 2 month period.

The data for all 29 transactions were provided in an Excel spreadsheet, from where the transactions are picking up the data.

Some of the transactions are retrieving data from SAP and passing it over to the next transaction during the process.

The end-user only needs to start the process and the rest takes place automatically without any manual intervention.

Case Study

Maersk Line is saving  the equivalent of 50 full-time employee's yearly working hours annually by automating the execution of financial transactions with the help of Winshuttle.

To learn more about how Maersk Line and other customers  have benefited from using Winshuttle,  Contact sales to find out how our RPA solutions work for you.


Click the button below to read a Winshuttle Whitepaper about Robotic Process automation

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