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Reduces the time, cost and resources needed for ERP metadata discovery by as much as 90%

Metadata Management made easy

There is no need to have to wait for, or rely on technical specialists, external consultants, incomplete documentation, internet searches or partial technical solutions.

ERP and CRM packages from vendors such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft present you with 3 main challenges before you can use their metadata with your data management projects. Inability to overcome these hurdles quickly can result to delays, cost overruns, under-delivery and  project cancellation in extreme cases.

Safyr®  enables you to dramatically shorten the time to value for projects which involve data from the main ERP and CRM packages by giving you the means to solve these challenges quickly and cost-effectively.

Challenge 1: Finding and accessing your metadata. The ‘business friendly’ metadata that you need from these systems is not in their standard relational database system catalog. This means that using standard scanners will not give you anything useful to find what you need. The metadata is held in a series of data dictionary tables or hidden behind an API so it can be difficult to get at. It is also vital that you are able to find all the customisations you have made to your implementation of the package.

Challenge 2: Curating your metadata. Once you have accessed the metadata, you need to be able to organise it to identify relationships between tables and other objects. This is essential so that you can easily curate the metadata into relevant subsets. The problem is that these systems have very large and complex data models which makes navigation difficult - a typical SAP system has over 90,000 tables and even a relatively modest JD Edwards application has over 5,000.

Challenge 3: Using your metadata with other products and technologies. Once you have identified the metadata you need for your project, you will want to use it to provision other environments. These could be data catalog or governance platforms, enterprise metadata management, data warehouse, ETL or data modeling tools.

How Safyr solves challenge 1. Once you connect Safyr to your source application, the product will automatically collect the metadata in your system - including customisations, and stores it in a repository. This is a fast and straightforward process. It takes Safyr less than 2 hours to complete this task even with the largest SAP systems.

How Safyr solves challenge 2. Once metadata is stored in the repository Safyr automatically finds relationships between tables and other objects, building an application hierarchy. Safyr caters to the differences between  individual ERP’s. This is all made available immediately for your data analysts and architects to access, analyze and to start creating the subsets needed for your project.

How Safyr solves challenge 3. Once you have created your subsets you will want to be able to share them with other products and technologies. Safyr has pre -built integrations which allow you to provision products such as Precisely Data 360+ Govern, Collibra, Informatica EDC, SAP PowerDesigner and Erwin. It can also export to XML, CSV, XLS formats for use with other products as well as  Silwood’s own ERDiagrammer and Compare tools.

- Safyr reduces the time, cost and resources needed for ERP metadata discovery, often by as much as 90%, whilst at the same time improving accuracy and compliance.

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