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Security  and Governance for SAP and z/OS

Today’s ERP System is another server in the data center, accessible internally and externally like every Windows, Unix, Linux or other server. Not only is the ERP environment vulnerable to internal malicious users, but also to external hacktivists and criminals.

SAP Security and Governance

Specifically for SAP, our supplier of security and governance solutions, Pathlock is focusing on Governance and Identity Management and security configuration for the SAP Platform.

The most effective way for organizations to reduce the costs of SAP security while strengthening security defenses is to automate and optimize security implementations.  Adsotech, together with Pathlock, provides perhaps the most comprehensive tools on top of SAP security and GRC functions to strengthen SAP security and to comply with industry and EU regulations.

The Pathlock SAP GRC Solution Suite comprises of 4 product groups where the products can be acquired individually or integrated into suites:


  • SAP Platform Security tools 

  • SAP Security Intelligence tools

  • SAP Identity and User Access Management tools.

  • SAP GRC  Authorization Governance usage and control.


The SAP Platform Security tools focus mainly on technical aspects of SAP Security, whereas preventing unauthorized access to the SAP  Security Intelligence tools help you analyze how different users interact with SAP and what kind of risks are involved, giving you an opportunity to react to security issues and collect logs on the usage of data.


The 3rd product group SAP Identity and User Access Management tools help you provide correct authorizations to your SAP users, in order limit access to data inside your organization and to minimize potential internal misuse of SAP.


As an advanced behavior monitoring & alerting system, the ProfileTailor™ Dynamics Suite delivers unprecedented visibility of actual, real-time SAP® authorization governance and usage.


The system monitors access and operations of SAP systems, generates dynamic usage profile analyses for every internal and external SAP user – and sends alerts about unusual or unacceptable activity, including risk severity level.


ProfileTailor™ GRC features enable the administration of management and control processes for role allocation in organizations that have multiple management systems in remote locations. It provides administrative and operative tools during and after implementation and enables a faster and more efficient roll-out process. For more information about Pathlock’s on-premise or cloud solutions tightly with SAP click here to proceed to our supplier’s website.

Vanguard solutions have been available since 1992 and are still widely used within the RACF user community and now they are available also for ACF2 and TopSecret. Vanguard solutions allow you to protect your z/OS RACF environment.

Vanguard offers an integrated suite of security software products that are designed to meet today’s unprecedented security challenges. The products bring together formerly separate functions of security administration, access and authentication, reporting and analysis, and policy compliance.

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