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Automate Salesforce

Create, update and retrieve Salesforce records without programming


Modern cloud-based systems like Salesforce need to be fed consistently with accurate and timely information from a variety of sources. With the flexibility of Excel and power of Winshuttle, business users have the ability to build reliable and consistent integration scenarios without requiring technical skills or programming.


Key features of Winshuttle for Salesforce


  • Winshuttle for Salesforce requires no changes to your Salesforce environment
  • Users can make use of standard and custom Salesforce APIs to create data management scenario scripts and data templates in a simple process that requires no particular technical skills and requires no programming
  • New users of Winshuttle for Salesforce can have fully functioning data management scripts operational in minutes as opposed to days or weeks with custom development
  • Users can see successes and failures in their data creation and change activities in real time in the template that they use to update Salesforce data
  • Users can make corrections to Salesforce data on demand and quickly update Salesforce without repeating several cycles of data correction and resubmission
  • Users have controlled access to Salesforce data without needing to navigate browser screens


More information

Look at Salesforce Winshuttle demo

Listen and see  to webinar where Winshuttle explains how they use Salesforce in sales and marketing and how Winshuttle is enhancing the usage of Salesorce with the Winshuttle product.

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