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Our Security Solutions

Our security solutions cover a broad spectrum of Security and compliance matters. The traditional solutions are mainframe z/OS RACF Security solutions delivered by Vanguard Integrity Professionals. Vanguard solutions have been available since 1992 and are still widely used within the RACF user community. For more information about Vanguard solutions, go to our Supplier section and read about Vanguard or click here to find out more on Vanguard’s website.

For z/OS we offer also solutiond from CORRELOG to cover the SIEM space. CORRELOG’s solutions work also  within SAP. For more information about CORRELOG’s solutions, go to our Supplier section and read about CORRELOG or click here to find out more on CORRELOG’s website.

Specifically for SAP, two of our suppliers of security and governnace solutions, XPANDION is focusing on Governace whereas Virtual Forge provides solutions  to analyze threats in ABAP programs, SAP transports and the SAP security configuration. For more information about XPANDION’s solutions, go to our Supplier section and read about XPANDION or click here to find out more on XPANDION’s website.

Our second SAP Security solution provider is Virtual Forge. Below is information about the Vitual Forge solutions. More information can be found in our supplier section as well as at the Virtual Forge website.


Virtual Forge CodeProfiler

With Virtual Forge CodeProfiler, you can identify business risks and correct errors in your ABAP® code automatically.

Fully integrated into the SAP® development environment and based on Virtual Forge’s patented global data and control flow analysis, you can automatically pinpoint and correct critical vulnerabilities in ABAP code. Capturing expert knowledge in more than 240 ready-to-use test cases, CodeProfiler helps to ensure that applications written in ABAP are free of known security, compliance or quality issues. That way, your SAP systems are protected from unauthorized access and you can easily meet the requirements of internal and external auditors. In addition, you increase the overall performance and reduce operational costs of your SAP systems.

Many interesting new applications for SAP HANA will emerge that will process highly critical data and be connected to the outside world through a variety of interfaces. This is why these new solutions need to run in a manner that’s not only stable and efficient, but sufficiently secure, as well. Integrating code checks into the SAP HANA development environment helps prevent errors as early on as possible, train developers in an interactive way, and minimize the long-term costs of defects.


Virtual Forge SystemProfiler


With Virtual Forge SystemProfiler, you can detect and correct errors in SAP® system configurations and avoid recurrence.

Virtual Forge SystemProfiler, the leading solution for validating and optimizing SAP system configurations, is now available in version 3.0. This update by Virtual Forge extends the world of SAP security by delivering security relevant information to SIEM systems. This will bridge the gap to general IT-Security, where SAP data is often neglected – simply because they could not be retrieved properly. Within SAP security, there is news, too: SystemProfiler now supports the continuous monitoring of SAP HANA systems.

This leads to minimized critical risks, significant cost reduction through more stable, and faster SAP systems and drastically reduced effort for monitoring and correction measures.


Virtual Forge TransportProfiler


SAP’s transport system is an important tool in importing changes and custom developments into production systems. That said, it does not perform any detailed checks on transport objects. Inconsistent or faulty SAP transports can therefore cause operational malfunctions or even system shutdowns.

Virtual Forge TransportProfiler checks transports for completeness, consistency, and changes in critical data. This makes it possible to identify flawed transports in advance, which in turn helps prevent system downtime, damage to target systems, and the costs and effort required for correcting errors.

TransportProfiler analyzes and evaluates the changes effected by a transport before it is imported into an SAP system. Its flexible approach to assessing outcomes is designed to account for the individual risks modifications pose to the security and stability of the system in question. This is how TransportProfiler’s detailed analysis and evaluation of individual changes avert negative consequences in target systems.

TransportProfiler comes with extensive checks that are based on Virtual Forge’s years of experience in countless customer projects. It is also possible for customers to define and incorporate their own checks.

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