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SAP Security Challenges

Today’s ERP System is another server in the data center, accessible internally and externally like every Windows, Unix, Linux or other servers. Not only is the ERP environment vulnerable to internal malicious users, but also to external hacktivists, criminals and so on.


The most effective way for organizations to reduce the costs of SAP security while strengthening security defenses is to automate and optimize security implementations.  Adsotech provides with the Akquinet GRC suite and Virtual Forge products perhaps the most comprehensive tools on top of SAP security functions to strengthen the SAP security and to comply with industry and EU regulations.

Akquinet 4D SAP Security and Compliance

The Akquinet  SAP GRC Solution Suite comprises of 3 product groups where the products can be acquired individually or integrated into suites:

  • SAP Platform Security tools 
  • SAP Security Intelligence tools
  • SAP Identity and User Access Management tools.

The SAP Platform Security
tools focus mainly on technical aspects of SAP Security whereas preventing unauthorized access the SAP  Security Intelligence tools help you to analyze how different users interact with SAP and what kind of risks are involved giving you an opportunity to react on security issues and collect logs on the usage of data. The 3rd product group SAP Identity and User Access Management tools help you to provide correct authorizations to the SAP users, in order limit access to data inside your organization to minimize potential internal misuse of SAP.


Solving the challenges of having too many authorizations, segregation of duties, security, and also automating user lifecycle processes is our expertise. The Xpandion solutions are very effective, yet easy to install and fully customize. Contact us for a free demo. Take user monitoring to the next level!


The solutions allows efficient and reliable auditing of SAP systems for Security Compliance, Performance, Robustness & Maintainability. You will be able to maintain automatically transparent, secure and stable SAP system configurations and achieve significant cost reduction through minimized monitoring, administration and correction effort.