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Vanguard solutions allows you to protect your z/OS RACF environment.

Vanguard offers an integrated suite of security software products that are designed to meet today’s unprecedented security challenges. The products bring together formerly separate functions of security administration, access and authentication, reporting and analysis, and policy compliance. Each product can be used independently or together as an integrated solution.

Vanguard Administration

Vanguard Administration is a powerful cybersecurity solution that automates
processes, offers powerful reporting with real-time management and provides
control over policy administration saving time, resources and money.


Vanguard audit and compliance square

Vanguard Audit & Compliance is a robust cybersecurity solution enabling
configuration, adjustment and continuous monitoring using the latest standards and
data security policies to determine, isolate and ensure standards compliance.


Vanguard authentication square

Vanguard Authentication is a scalable, modular integrated authentication solution
that enables enterprises to control and secure access to the entire IT infrastructure.
Vanguard simplifies enterprise authentication and access control.


Vanguard zSecurity University™ is a year-round training program providing
comprehensive IT security education for enterprise security staff, z/OS® and IT
security professionals. For nearly 30 years.


Vanguard Professionals Services

Vanguard Professionals Services are the most effective way for organizations to
reduce the cost of maintaining enterprise security and improve security postures is
to automate and optimize information security.




Vanguard products will reduce the time spent in RACF security administration, and z/OS security governance. The level of security in a z/OS environment can be improved thus proactively inhibiting security attacks.

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