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 Winshuttle Transactional Process Solutions

The Winshuttle products were initially developed to automate MDM relates tasks but soon the users of the products as well as Winshuttle realized that the products can be used to automate any business and work processes in SAP. This lead to a widespread use of the products into finance, HR, Supply Chain and other departments as well as product development within Winshuttle to implement new features that expanded the usage possibilities of the products.

Typically our customers have started to us the products e.g. in data migrations when implementing SAP and thereafter the customers have expanded the usage to day to day business operations.

As examples of customers who use the products in day to day transactional processes we have:


You can download their customer cases by clicking on their names.

At the Winshuttle User Groups, numerous customers share their experience with the delegates and the presentations are usually available on Winshuttle website. Click here for recent presentations form User Groups.