D’PROS Product Portfolio – Overview of products from D’PROS




D’PROS offers a full range of advanced, state-of-the-art, innovative and high ROI complimentary professional SAP products and Business Workflow solutions. The products can be used separately or integrated as a suite. The portfolio enables its customers to better utilize their SAP system and to achieve their business goals.

D’PROS vast experience and profound SAP knowledge and expertise helps customers to take on new challenges as they arise in the constantly shifting economic, market and technological landscape.

The products provide its customers with solutions that accelerate their business results, to their best advantage.

D’PROS products are developed and supported by the Products branch member of Dicomano Labs, the Professional  SAP Software company headquartered in Israel.

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D’CHANGER streamlines the complex SAP Log search  per specific object class. It addresses all object classes in one application, from one focal point, and its flexible search engine allows employees to search large amounts of their organization’s log activity data in a fast, focused, efficient way. The search is performed within the large CDHDR and CDPOS log tables.


Leveraging our expertise and our daily encounters with customers, we understand that searching the huge CDHDR and CDPOS log tables can be both a challenge and a nightmare. D’CHANGER delivers on its promise as a highly flexible all-in-one log activity search application. It’s flexible engine allows users to search according to every possible object class.

Following are the main features:

  • One focal point for all searches
  • Object class dynamic-driven search
  • Dynamic field search per object class
  • Dynamic view per object class
  • Log activity reports are distributed with D’PUBLISHER.


You can rest assured that D’CHANGER easily traces the full history of every change logged in your business database.

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D’IDOC enhances, customizes and personalizes the inherent IDoc search and reporting capabilities. Expect remarkable speeds for high volume IDoc queries like never before, superseding the existing, highly laborious and frustrating search function.D’IDOC is a groundbreaking solution that dramatically boosts the efficiency and speed of a high volume IDoc search. It enables businesses to drastically reduce processing cycle time and accelerate business results. Moreover, D’IDOC makes IDoc data accessible to a new target audience: non-technical SAP users.

Furthermore, D’IDOC applies a uniquely-structured search algorithm in order to maintain its high performance as your business grows.

A NEW depth & dimension in user experience:

  • Selection screen: Structured fields search, Complex search, including wildcards (*,?), Cross IDoc-type search with aggregated attributes
  • Exceptional Performance: NO performance degradation for huge IDoc records data bases
  • Easy-to-use product optimizes the usage of IDoc queries by empowering you to get the data you need when you need it
  • Short learning curve by using an intuitive GUI. It increases employee satisfaction and efficiency

D’IDOC allows:

  • Structured data: immediate display of real-time data
  • Powerful reporting tool
  • Drill down IDoc info
  • User-friendly and easily readable format display
  • Services
  • IDoc resend



D’MANAGER is an efficient solution that provides end-to-end (E2E) management for the complex process of applying changes and transports across the SAP system. It addresses, streamlines, and ensures business continuity, meeting stringent SOX regulatory and governance business processes.

It is aligned with the way you conduct your business:

  • Simplicity: no additional complexity (machines, people, tools) added to the process or to the project team’s daily routine
  • Single source for all SAP environments changes (ECC, BW, CRM, SRM…)
  • Orchestrate various SAP systems (DEV, QA, PRD) for each project, naturally extending native SAP functionality
  • Fully compliant with IT controlling requirements
  • Includes out of the box integrated workflow scenarios
  • Simple to follow reporting and intrinsic FULL enforcing tool
  • Fast and central access to all relevant information
  • Have full visibility of the approval process via detailed reporting
  • Have full and current visibility of each change status and the personnel processing it
  • Have easy and clear visibility of the Go-Live date (Date2Prod)
  • Dynamically automate transport workflow and approval routing, including ad-hoc approver.



D’RAINBOW addresses the limited functions available to SAP users in areas such as:  formatting, personalization, collaboration, and data manipulation. These limitations frequently force users to look for solutions beyond SAP itself.


Sometimes, SAP reports are downloaded locally as Excel sheets for further analysis. Although Excel offers greater usability and enhanced productivity, these advantages come at great cost: the moment an ALV report is downloaded locally and its data is replicated, it becomes obsolete.

D’RAINBOW expands SAP ALV reporting capabilities by enabling users to personalize and collaborate on data columns and comments, using their own formatting. The manipulated data can be then searched, filtered, and published. The metadata is saved by Rainbow and, when needed, is automatically reapplied to the updated records.

D’RAINBOW offers a completely new user experience via an efficient, intuitive, and easy-to-use user interface

D’RAINBOW Features:

  • Add colors at any level – rows, columns and individual cells
  • Apply conditional formatting in order to highlight cells according to their content
  • Insert new columns of extended information
  • Add calculated columns based on existing columns
  • Annotate cells and manage comments
  • Filter by color, comment text, and values
  • Publish results via email.



D’ONTHEGO is a new enterprise mobile solution that extends and adapts business processes and operational reach for all aspects of the modern mobile world. Mobility, personalization, and efficiency are the name of the game, as everyone uses popular mobile devices on the go. Today, you simply must be prepared to conduct business immediately, regardless of your location, time zone, or device type.

Zero client-installation mobile application, supporting offline approval of workflow tasks.

Main features:

  • No learning curve, the same process as in the office
  • On any popular mobile device: Apple iPhone/iPad, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android, Microsoft Windows
  • No need to install any app. Just internet & Email access
  • Real-time or Offline access
  • Layered Security: encryption & user authentication
  • Powerful implementation, immediately improving efficiency
  • Work with YOU, tackling urgent tasks while away from the office
  • Shortens significantly the approval cycle time
  • YOUR fingertips, 24x7x365
  • Delivers on the promise of mobility by giving managers the freedom and power to run their operations more efficiently.



D’NOTIFIER is a comprehensive notification and alert system that supports your compa0ny’s business rules and critical processes.

D’NOTIFIER supports all critical business functions, promoting business continuity and network up-time. It allows company managers to stay on top of their well-run business 24x7x365, regardless of the time or their location worldwide.

The Challenge of everyday Alert Management & Control: Alerts are actively issued on various affecting business critical topics.

Is your alert system configured so that you:

  • Know if there is any problem in your system?
  • Know what happened, when and where?
  • Will be notified about problems, according to YOUR criteria?
  • Will be able to monitor your entire network constantly?
  • Can set alarm thresholds over time?
  • Can set operational modes and associate events accordingly?
  • Can easily configure alarms and their recipients via email/SMS?
  • Can you do it in a simple and user friendly way?


D’NOTIFIER is a comprehensive notification & alert system supporting your business critical processes.

Simple, Effective & Allowing to stay on top of Your Business 24x7x365.

Active delivery of critical, fully detailed alerts:

  • Personalized alert delivery and content, including “sliding window” over time
  • Support for various media: email, SMS
  • Fast user adoption and lower TCO, allowing business continuity



D’SOX Compliance Solution is a comprehensive yet modular solution to all the needs outlined by  customers. D’PROS offers several products and modules that can be implemented as stand-alone products or integrated to form one complete, comprehensive business solution.

D’SOX Manage Related Processes, Risks, Controls & Tasks. It provides preventive and detective Controls with relevant data from SAP through automated periodic alerts within any required time-frame, such as monthly, quarterly, or yearly. These items, as well as additional items, including audits on system alterations and changes to sensitive information, can be automatically distributed by email to stakeholders according to role. We enable special change management notifications for sensitive information, such as: general ledger, credit, and more. We track and notify when users have the necessary permissions to make changes to critical information as defined by the organization, for example, as a user defined as an administrator who has full access to edit or view information when this is not required by his or her job description, or a user who can approve an entire process such as purchasing.

D’SOX includes a control panel for the SOX manager to manage and review these periodic controls and tasks. Any alert, control, task or report can be automatically placed in a shared storage location or distributed by email.

D’SOX Control Panel / Scorecard

A solution that contains all definitions of SOX processes, risks, controls, and tasks, as well as active controls and their corresponding auto-generated tasks. It includes a relevant report from SAP and allows for task creation and scheduling as well as tracking their completion status (active, late, and completed).

This module can also automate alert and status report distribution by email and let a busy manager always stay up-to-date even if he or she is out of the office or not in front of a SAP interface. The designated auditor or compliance manager can attach files and notes as needed in order to manage all the necessary details from a single location.