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Can you relate to the following?

You try using standard SAP ERP Reporting to answer a simple business question and you quickly understand how rigid it is. The only standard SAP alternative is ABAP code that can take weeks and will not address the next question that you will have.

So what most people do, they turn to Excel to get their needs addressed. You know that it is not optimal.

Data becomes obsolete as soon as it was downloaded to Excel. It is disconnected from SAP standard functionality including: Drill downs, DB Lookup, Data Write back. It is missing SAP authorization, compromising privacy & security. You end up having islands of insecure data spread across different Excel sheets located in different people’s PCs.

How does RainbowSAP solve it?

RainbowSAP is added natively to SAP. It takes minutes to install it using SAP Change Requests mechanism. It is using the SAP native UI look and feel, so no training is needed.

You can take advantage over RainbowSAP in all of your standard and custom SAP reports. RainbowSAP brings Excel functionality natively into SAP Reports. So you get the best of both worlds and even more:

  • Excel – Conditional formatting, Grouping, Cell coloring, Comments
  • SAP – out-of-the-box Drill downs, DB Lookup and Data Write back.
  • Even more – description for every coded value, available as a Fiori app, shared via email with peers and business partners.

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