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Every Angle

Every Angle

Every Angle allows you to develop intelligent SAP reports and
queries in a fraction of the time it takes with standard SAP tools. 

The Every Angle system is a custom-made add-on for SAP ERP that is specifically designed to answer user questions, based on SAP data. It is empowered with all the knowledge of the complex SAP data structure and business processes, based on hundreds of man-years of research and development.
Every Angle is an ideal addition to SAP BI (BW) for operations management. The implementation is short and has always been within budget. Every Angle contains in-depth knowledge of a typical company and SAP processes and provides this knowledge to SAP users in an easy way via the Live Objects technology. The product quickly improves business performance through stocks & bottleneck analysis. It includes dashboarding for operational, middle and higher management and is, of course, certified by SAP.

What Every Angle has to offer to you and your organization:

Ideal addition to SAP BI (BW) for operations management

All Every Angle customers use Every Angle next to their SAP BI to fulfill operational information requirements. Every Angle provides fast and flexible overviews that classic systems just cannot supply.

Rapid implementation, on-time and on a budget, with results far exceeding expectations, as always!

After just a few days of implementation and training, your Every Angle business users will be able to create any report or complex analytics right from your SAP system. Start with a small pilot project and see for yourself how surprisingly easy it is to immediately improve your business.

Real in-depth built-in knowledge of Supply Chain, Human Resources, Financials and Plant Maintenance combined with SAP expertise

At the heart of Every Angle is the ability to apply an in-depth knowledge of real-world Business Processes to the SAP system. Every Angle has invested over 100 man years to overlay every detail of SAP process flows, customizations and complex data structures with relational processes and formulas to create ready-to-use analytics in all areas of your SAP system.

Quickly Improve business performance through stocks & bottleneck analysis

Using the smart SCM analytics of Every Angle you can ensure that all of your operational people receive a daily Action–Do list in their SAP Gui. Customer service levels should improve as stock levels and lead times drop inversely.

Fast and flexible Dashboarding for operational, middle and higher management

Advanced business users can now easily manage their own KPI Dashboards with the Every Angle Dashboard Engine, replacing a lot of Excel handwork with a dashboard that is more informative, proactively useful and maintainable.

The Why and How of deploying ‘Lean in Finance’

In finance ‘lean’ is something relatively new, while lean in production environments is something which has been deployed for several decades. It’s time to show finance departments the benefits of the lean way of working. That’s why Every Angle and TriFinance have developed a FiCo module (Finance and Controlling) for Every Angle users and all SAP ERP users that don’t use the Operational Performance Management solution Every Angle yet. The solution will benefit financials and controllers because they can quickly combine all sorts of financial data they can’t combine in SAP. According to Johan Reunis, Competence Center Manager Controlling & Reporting at TriFinance, the lean methodology is perfectly applicable in finance, and it should be much broader implemented.

Master Data Management

With every Angle Rapid development features, you can profile and analyze your master data easily and quickly, produce Excel files of data to be changed. After necessary changes made, the corrected data can be loaded back to SAP with Winshuttle TRANSACTION, available from ADSOTECH.


Every Angle: Operational Performance Management made easy. Fast, simple to use and very effective!
An implementation of Every Angle is always on time, on budget and it delivers more than expected.

Every Angle Performance Management

With Every Angle you can turn Performance Management (PM) into an easy, flexible and affordable solution:

• Measure (EA-Dashboard Engine)
• Analyze (EA- power user Core system)
• Improve (Action-lists daily refreshed in the SAP-GUI)

Certified by SAP, Standardized and controllable

As an SAP-Certified add-on, Every Angle simplifies your IT landscape; replacing countless custom-made ABAP-reports, reports based on MS Access, MS Excel, SE16 as well as a myriad of manual tasks.

Customer cases

Listen and see how different companies are using Every Angle and what the benefits are, here!

For more information about the product and many other customer cases, visit Every Angle website.