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PinPoint for SAP – Automated Daily SAP Health check & Trending Giving SAP Owners
the missing insight and perspective into how their systems are really being managed


PinPoint for SAP, is a Software As A Service (SaaS) solution that, each day will gather and collate all of the key health and headline processing metrics of your SAP systems; pinpointing problems during the previous day, providing usage and performance statistics, along with historical and trending analysis.

Providing the ‘Bigger Picture’

PinPoint for SAP is not designed to replace your active SAP monitoring which your technicians would use for ‘point in time’ SAP monitoring. It is designed for those who have responsibility for SAP as a whole, providing them quick access to key operational, processing, performance and system health data.

PinPoint gives you the ability to graphically see and compare this ‘key metric’ data over days, weeks and months, giving you a much longer-term perspective of trends, along with the confidence that your SAP Systems and Services are being delivered, managed, and monitored in the most efficient and cost-effective way. PinPoint for SAP is the key tool to enable you to monitor that the service providers full fill their obligations according to the SLA agreements.

Threshold Alerting and Long Term Trending

To provide the ‘bigger picture’, PinPoint for SAP automatically gathers over 100 key performance metrics and system health data and presents it in terms of headline metrics and trends. Based upon thresholds that you specify, PinPoint for SAP will also alert you to any breaches of your thresholds, along with any direct errors or problems that your core SAP system has detected.

Maybe the average dialogue response time between 9 am and 5 pm was too high? Or there is an abnormally high number of IDOCS that could not be processed? Perhaps your database is expected to reach 100% full within the next few days? Or maybe the number of user licenses you have classified has exceeded your license agreement?

Breaches of thresholds are color-coded according to the severity level of the breach. Access to graphical historical and trending information is also just a simple click away.

A Software as a Service that can be up and running with as little as 2 hours effort

PinPoint for SAP runs as a Software As A Service so there are no additional hardware, software or support costs. Data from your SAP Systems is collected via the Windows PinPoint Agent that utilizes an SAP RFC user account and certified SAP interfaces to extract and transmit the data to PinPoint for SAP in the cloud. No changes are required to your SAP Systems other than creating the RFC User and Role. PinPoint for SAP can, therefore, be up and running extremely quickly, typically with just a couple of hours effort.


Look at a short  5-minute presentation of PinPoint for SAP (below).



Download a sample report (below) which is sent out automatically every month to the users.

(PinPoint Monthly Report sample)

All this can be acquired at a subscription cost of 15,00 EUR/day per SAP system you want to monitor. (Multiple system discounts are available)

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