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Libelle SystemCopy

Automated and Optimized for SAP® System Copies
– Simple – Secure – Fast


Libelle SystemCopy product suite reduces the challenges of system copies and client copies for SAP applications for the execution and monitoring of a pre-defined automated procedure. It allows you to easily perform fully automated and optimized SAP system/client copies with very low manual overhead and quick processing. The result is consistent and error-free, due to a maximum degree of automation. The delivery time is shortened considerably, reducing the processing cost to a minimum. Look at a short introduction video.

Libelle ClientCopy module allows you to copy and processes only those clients you actually need for a current QA, testing or other staging systems – fast and automated.

The Libelle DataMasking (LDM) module enables to automate and optimize the anonymization of data. Thus LDM is all-purpose and independent of the application software.

The results are anonymized and consistent data for development and testing environments across all platforms. The anonymization process provides authentic values which allow describing and testing of almost all business transactions. LDM works with SAP and non SAP systems.

Libelle SystemCopy allows you to easily perform fully automated and optimized SAP system/client copies and with Low Manual Overhead, Quick Processing, Consistent Results, Maximum Degree of Automation, Significantly reduced processing costs.

Libelle SystemCopy reduces the challenges of system/client copies for SAP applications to the execution and monitoring of a pre-defined automated procedure. Once implemented, Libelle SystemCopy provides a time-optimized and standardized implementation of the procedure, no matter when and how often while maintaining a high degree of flexibility even in changing environments. More …


Libelle SystemCopy: Automated and Optimized for SAP® System Copies


There are many benefits for using Libelle SystemCopy. These are a few of them:


  • LSC runs on all major operating systems and requires no additional infrastructure components
  • LSC can be easily installed to your SAP environments and can be used immediately
  • Nothing is changed in your SAP environment (servers, databases, operating systems, interfaces, etc.)
  • Supports all Sybase®, Oracle®, MaxDB™, DB2®, or Microsoft SQL Server® databases
    LSC supports ABAP®, Doublestack and Java Stack
  • LSC is a pure server process and uses TCP / IP for data exchange
  • Configuring and monitoring can be easily performed on any computer. This is done with the GUI, or alternatively via Command Line
  • For the pure copy, you can use your existing infrastructure methods, such as Snapshots of the storage manufacturers. Alternatively, you can use the built-in Libelle-own copy mechanism.
  • Open Framework. Tasks are easily customizable.


Watch the Libelle SystemCopy Webinar, below!


Libelle EDIMON
– Automated IDoc Monitoring for distributed SAP® system landscapes


Libelle EDIMON is a simplified way to monitor and manage IDocs across your SAP® System Landscape. The solution automates typical monitoring and troubleshooting tasks in regards to the management of IDocs. It allows you to have a clear picture of the transfer of critical information in and out of your business. So you always know if the data transfers of your business operations run smoothly. When thresholds exceed defined values, you will be automatically informed and alarmed, or errors will be corrected immediately. With EDIMON you dispatch the IDoc-correction from SAP-Basis to the responsible business department. 

Check out the video about Libelle Edimon below:


Benefits for using Libelle EDIMON:

  • Very clear and well-structured cockpit that shows faulty or not recorded IDocs at a glance
  • EDIMON runs in the background: failures are detected immediately and without personal effort. The right actions will automatically be initiated (for example notifications by c-mail, e-mail, SAP-mail … or corrections by selecting function modules or programs)
  • EDIMON is „ready-to-run“, i.e. it is quickly installed and up and running in a few days. Your own parameters and rules can easily be added or changed.
  • You are not adhered to the specified SAP standards for the emphasis of each IDoc status, so you can customize the assessments of IDoc status. Also other SAP systems can be interfaced easily.
  • Measure, analyze, document and historicize data and reactions: Safety of argumentation in trend and capacity planning with permanently available meaningful reports
  • Reduce the workload of IT teams.
  • Meets the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in terms of the internal control system (ICS).
  • EDIMON can be easily installed to your SAP environments with a simple Transport and can be used immediately


Libelle Case Studies


Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) automatize and optimize SAP updates and system copies with Libelle SystemCopy

“When billions of transactions and deliveries rely on your IT infrastructure, it’s good to know that it is performing at its best, avoiding any mistakes and waste of time! Libelle and WSS helped us in the pursuit of this goal”. Miglena Mladenova, Systems Architecture and Administration Services Manager


To automatize and optimize SAP updates and system copies, Coca-Cola HBC has chosen Libelle SystemCopy software, a solution distributed on the Italian market by WSS Italia…..

Click the link below to read more:Reference CocaCola_HBC_LibelleSystemCopy_EN

Gaz Métro - Automating SAP® System Refreshes with Libelle SystemCopy

Gaz Métro refreshes their Test and QA environments of their standard production support landscape of 3 systems after each delivery of changes they do, a total of 7 per year. This means a minimum of 21 clones to 6 non-production environments per year. They also perform clones in their Sandbox and special project landscapes, averaging another 16-20 clones. That results in an average of 40 clones per year, according to the basis team.

Without a way to automate and simplify this process, Gaz Métro had to sacrifice an entire working day per clone per refresh, meaning that for 40 days of the year, the basis team was working solely on refreshing the SAP® environment.

Libelle provided Gaz Métro with a proof-of-concept demonstration of the Libelle SystemCopy tool, showing how installing Libelle on their systems would dramatically decrease the time and resources required for their system refresh procedures……

Click the link below to read more:
Reference Gaz_Metro_CA_EN


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