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Winshuttle User Group Webinar

Winshuttle User Group Webinar

Winshuttle User Group Webinar

Automation, robotics, and hybrid solutions

December 14, 2017, at. 15:00 -16:15 CET

Join us to find how Adsotech is inventing new ways
to automate processes and pushing the boundaries
of Robotics using Winshuttle tools!



The Webinar will explain how Excel’s additional plug-in capabilities and the technical capabilities of the server-based Winshuttle Foundation platform can be utilized to get your process automation to the next level.

The purpose of the webinar is to provide you new ideas with sample cases and to uncover the technical details so that you can discover new and innovative ways to utilize Winshuttle.

We will also take some time at the end of the webinar to talk about our new supplier D’Pros and introduce their solution to automate reporting and information sharing processes.




The Webinar Agenda

Case Study:
Winshuttle as part of the Blue Prism’s robotic processes

  • Let’s have a look at the setup and pin down why Winshuttle is made part of it “Automation of the Automation?” Booting/starting Winshuttle from the command line
  • Exporting/Importing Excel data from multiple folders to SAP with just one mouse click
  • Starting and using Winshuttle scripts as part of a robotized process
  • Winshuttle scripts inside Excel VBA code


Winshuttle Foundation – Tools, Forms, and Automated Background Processes

  • Automatic start or continue processes when a change occurs in SAP
  • Supplementing and Acceptance of Data on Form, during the running automation processor between the automation steps
  • Foundation as a general SAP integration platform


10 min Extra: D’Pros automation solutions for operational reporting, event-based automatic reporting to just right people – or process. Importing Excel properties/features into SAP.

Pease NOTE!

If the webinar is of great interest to you but you are prevented from attending, let’s arrange an appointment where we can discuss these topics tailored to your needs, processes, and goals! We also appreciate if you forward this invitation to the right / interested party despite he or she might not be the Winshuttle user in your organization!