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CSC Reduces Management Time of Job Scheduling Environment by 65%


CSC, a leading global consulting, systems integration and outsourcing company, deployed a legacy job scheduling system that was too complicated. This led to problems on the mainframe due to errors and huge expansion in the time it took to create the daily scheduling plan. Another issue was that it took too much time to manage the scheduler agents and to scale them onto new servers. Over a two-year period, its legacy solution was only running on 25 servers. Its current scheduling vendor could not solve CSC’s problems without constant maintenance. Additionally, CSC lost considerable amount of money and faced potential penalties due to customer complaints and out-of-service issues.


CSC decided to look for an alternative to solve its job scheduling problems and selected Opswise Universal Agent, Stonebranch’s Independent Scheduling Agents solution. CSC was able to upgrade its distributed job scheduling environment, so that it could deploy its existing scheduler enterprisewide.


CSC started with an initial implementation of Opswise Universal that took no more that 20 minutes, on the server side, due to the ease of installation.

After Opswise Universal Agent was running on the initial servers, CSC expanded Opswise Universal onto Windows, UNIX and SAP servers. The entire Stonebranch infrastructure grew significantly within the following months. During the entire implementation process, CSC’s ongoing daily routine was not interrupted.

Torben Olsen, Systems Engineer at CSC, said, ”Before using Opswise Universal Agent, I needed about 75 percent of my daily time to manage our workload environment due to the many errors we repeatedly needed to correct. Now, with Stonebranch’s solution, I need only 10 percent of my time to handle all processes”.

Additionally, Opswise Universal Agent proved to save CSC considerable amounts of money.

Olsen said, ”Our legacy scheduler was three times as expensive as Stonebranch’s solution and took up too much time and too many resources. Now with Opswise Universal Agent, our batch operators have an easier daily routine because we have had no problems since installing the solution.”

Adds Torben, ”The important part of the Stonebranch solution is that it is independent. It gave us the ability to upgrade our current job scheduling environment.”

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