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Miia Isola – Customer Support Consultant

Miia Isola - Customer Support Consultant

Miia Isola – Customer Support Consultant

Miia Isola was born about 30 years ago in Vantaa, the neighbor town of Helsinki, Finland as the second daughter of an ordinary nuclear family. At age 6 she became the middle child in a family of 4 children as the family grew with the birth of twins, a boy and a girl. Way before that, before she could even talk she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her big sister and start figure skating. She ended up in synchronized skating and spent countless hours at the ice rink until she quit, only 25 years later and chose another sport. Here is her story in her own words:

After high school I decided to study Economics. I got in to Turku School of Economics but found myself unwilling to relocate that 160 km distance. Despite the distance I was able to finish my studies and with a new Master’s degree in my pocket and I found myself back with Vaisala, a Finnish meteorological equipment manufacturer. I had worked there previously during my studies. Very soon I became a customer contract specialist working in an ERP implementation project. That experience led me to ADSOTECH in February 2012.

ADSOTECH’s customers are in the Nordic countries, so starting out in Customer Support I did not expect to have many contacts outside of the Nordics. Honestly, I did not even expect to travel that much within the Nordics. However, during this last winter and spring Winshuttle training assignments have taken me to Estonia, Bulgaria and China in addition to Sweden, Norway and Finland.

I like doing training sessions whether it is in Finland or elsewhere in the world. I prefer being on site compared to giving a webinar simply because I find it easier to help trainees and relate to their day-to-day issues while in the same room. The best part of teaching and helping to solve problems is seeing how people learn new things and get ideas to use the products in innovative ways. There’s nothing like the sudden brightness in trainees eyes which say he just got it and instantly thought of ways to ease his daily work load.

In my spare time I train and compete in mixed martial arts (= MMA). So far I have had 13 amateur fights, 6 wins, 5 losses and 2 draws. The sport combines the different stand up and ground techniques including punches, kicks, chokes, joint locks and a match can be won by knockout, submission or judges’ decision. Besides MMA my training consists of Brazilian Jiujitsu, submission wrestling, kickboxing and boxing. I haven’t escaped the teaching mentality here either as I instruct a boxing class for beginners.

I have been happily married for 10 years. Although the real cause and effect remains undetermined our friends like to joke around with the fact that my husband got interested in self defense around the time I started training martial arts. As our marriage has been harmonious he has switched his main spare time interest to serving as a voluntary fire fighter.

There is not a lonelier place in the world than the ring (or cage) on fight day. However, the training aspect of martial arts can be considered a team effort. You need someone to play the part of the opponent so it is in fact a joint effort to get better and ready for a fight. In a way I see this in my daily work as well. I can count on the help of my colleagues whether I’m getting ready for a customer training or solving a customer’s technical issue. We take pride in working together to find an easy solution as swiftly as possible.