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Mission Critical Reporting for SAP 

Mission Critical Reporting for SAP

Mission Critical Reporting for SAP

In today’s business environment the term “Mission Critical” extends far beyond the core ERP systems that have for years managed the heart of organizations large and small. Today’s “Mission Critical” term is more encompassing and as all of the systems, people and processes come together the significance of “Mission Critical” takes on a whole new meaning.

For Finance users today the ability to access data has never been more crucial and as recent research by Dynamic Markets suggests, 30% of enterprise companies today quantify data as an item on the balance sheet, adding further evidence to support the value that is being associated with data.

As complexities in systems and hierarchies increase users continue to require simple, cost effective easy to deploy and adopt solutions that support Mission Critical functions. Spreadsheet Server by Global Software, Inc. addresses all of these requirements. Created as a Microsoft Excel add-in, this tool automatically retrieves data from SAP systems and pulls it dynamically into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Once the data is in Microsoft Excel, users can then generate reports and perform detailed drill downs, all from within the spreadsheet application. With 90% of finance users preferring to stay within Microsoft Excel, SpreadSheet Server provides a structured and secure environment which is incredibly intuitive and user friendly, allowing professionals the world over to develop, analyse and distribute SAP reports in minutes.

Recent Reporting & Analytics surveys have yielded interesting results. With users asked what their reporting challenges are primarily related to, the responses yielded, User-friendly report delivery and Difficulty of creating real-time reports,all of which are very easily and simply solved using SpreadSheet Server for SAP. It’s simply just a question of having the right software in place to support the requirements of the users and the business and with Global Software supporting a base of over 5,000 customers, its SpreadSheet Server tool is a clear leader in the market. Interestingly enough, “In many cases the companies that Global Software supports inevitably maintain multiple systems, many from the same vendor. A good percentage of our install base runs SAP Business Intelligence solutions on top of their SAP ERP environment, said Fergus van Niekerk, Global Software’s Director of International Business – “The value in a solution like SpreadSheet Server is that it packs an incredible amount of functionality into a very simple and very cost effective solution that allows users to focus on the important tasks and not waste hours trying to find and aggregate data from their ERP solutions

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