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Looping: Automating Multi-line SAP Transactions

Looping: Automating Multi-line SAP Transactions

Everyone knows Winshuttle is a fantastic tool for simple, high frequency SAP transactions like MM02 (Change Material).  Nonetheless, the more advanced capabilities of Winshuttle are slightly less appreciated.  In general, Winshuttle is a versatile tool that can automate nearly all SAP processes, no matter the complexity of the transaction.
David Nelson, Key Account Manager at ADSOTECH, sheds light on a functionality that plays a huge role in the versatility of Winshuttle: Looping.  Creating loops allows you to record, map and run complex, multi-line transactions without programming or coding.  For example, via loops, Winshuttle users can automate transactions like FB50 (GL Posting), F-65 (Preliminary Posting), ME21 (Create Purchase Order), VA01 (Create Sales Order), CS01 (Bill of Materials), CA01 (Create Routing), FB70 (Customer Invoice) and many more.  Watch the video below to hear David’s insight.

To see how the recording phase is executed with Winshuttle, check out the Basic Winshuttle Transaction demo.

For specific instruction on how to create a loop, use the Step-by-step Looping Guide from Winshuttle.

To see how a Winshuttle-automated transaction can be incorporated into an efficient workflow, watch this workflow demo from Winshuttle.

As always, reach out to ADSOTECH at for personalized demos and specific Q&A.