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Xpandion for SAP licensing and security

Xpandion is a web-based SAP security and licensing solution that is external to your ERP system, requiring no changes to your SAP.  Profile Tailor, the Xpandion tool which Tuomas focuses on in the video below, gives you a comprehensive look at SAP usage at your company.  There are two primary ways to use this data that Xpandion offers.

Firstly, Xpandion delivers real-time visibility of actual SAP license usage, simplifying licensing models, enabling better management of SAP licenses and finally achieving full control of SAP usage across an enterprise.

Secondly, Xpandion offers a complete and fully-automated solution for GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) and SoD (Segregation of Duties), identifying violations on both the static level of granting authorizations to users, and on the dynamic level as a compensating control.

In other words, you are able to monitor your user’s behavior, giving you the chance to identify potential licensing adjustments and dangerous authorization combinations, for example.  Watch the short video below to see what we mean.

If you see Xpandion as a viable solution for your company, either check out the Xpandion website for more information or contact us at