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Vesa Pekkarinen - Sales & Marketing Manager

Vesa Pekkarinen – Sales & Marketing Manager

Joining the team in March of 2012, Vesa was brought aboard to manage the rapid growth within the company by developing sales and marketing strategy. His history of education in computer science, marketing, and management made him the ideal candidate to assist in directing the steep growth of ADSOTECH. Since his arrival, the sales and marketing department has added several members and continues to achieve high goals under Vesa’s creative leadership.

Turn back the clock to 1966 when Vesa was just five years old living in a small village on the West coast of Finland with his parents and younger brother and sister.

“Back then I spent a lot of time with my friends in track and field. There was a track near our houses where we would take part in local competitions and such. I performed best in high jump and sprint events, winning several medals along the way. However, I think by now my track and field skills have diminished, at least a little bit.” 

As Vesa got older, he developed a strong interest in global economics and politics. In addition, Vesa enjoys reading about philosophy and psychology. When he is not reading, Vesa likes to hike in the wilderness, appreciating all that Finland has to offer. He is often accompanied by his wife and three adult daughters. On occasion, his two grandsons join the adventure.

Before Vesa joined the ADSOTECH team, he moved around quite a bit, working at prestigious organizations in a variety of locations:

“In the UK, we were living in Harrogate in North Yorkshire. The region is a beautiful combination of old towns and countryside. While I was there, I worked as an Engineering Director in a global telecom company. By far, the biggest challenge that came with living in the UK was learning how to drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, especially in roundabouts. Somehow, I made it out of there without having any major accidents.” 

In addition to living in the UK, Vesa also lived and worked in Szekesfehervar, the former capital of Hungary:

“I was working as General Manager in the same telecom company that I worked for in the UK. Overall, life in Hungary is peaceful compared to the UK. Being a relaxed, peaceful person, I felt more at home in Szekesfehervar. I vividly remember the dogs barking and roosters crowing in the mornings outside our house, which was situated outside the city center. Even these wake up calls are some of the fondest memories from this time in my life.” Continuing his journey around Europe, Vesa eventually moved to Norway, working as a Board Member in an oil and gas technology company in Stavanger.

Now, Vesa is enjoying his life in downtown Helsinki. As a leader of the sales and marketing endeavors for ADSOTECH, Vesa is optimistic about the future, determined to advance the company within the wide world of IT:

“ADSOTECH has very effective products and a wide service range. In the future, our potential to significantly expand into the service field of IT is extremely promising. We have an IT department filled with the best in the business regarding technical support and a specialty in ready-made solutions. Overall, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.”