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VirtDB and partner company STA Consulting offers a full range of advanced, state-of-the-art, innovative 3rd party SAP products. The portfolio enables its customers to better utilize their SAP system and help them to achieve their business goals.


STA Consulting  SAP Add-on for ITIL and Ticket Systems

Integrate ServiceNow  or any other ITIL system with  SAP

Create Incidents directly from SAP with all relevant information from SAP, attached to created tickets. The Add-on automates the reporting of incidents to ticket systems and  reduces duplicated  and redundant tickets

The most significant feature of this integration is that the complete technical and business context is attached  automatically to all incidents created from SAP. This reduces the time it takes for a business user to collect necessary information about SAP issues and brings immense value for your support staff and helps them solve problems much faster. For more information about the Add-on click here!


VirtDB Data Unfolder

Prepare and push SAP R/3, S/4HANA or BW data to BI platforms and Databases without violating SAP License agreements

Data Unfolder is a self-service solution that unlocks SAP data by letting business users extract data contained in their standard and custom reports, tables, views and queries to their favourite platforms like Tableau, Hadoop, Amazon AWS and more and to further process the data, e.g. to analyse different business scenarios. The real-time SAP reporting is right from the source system, combined with your favorite analytical or data visualisation tool.

Easy SAP ERP Data Access via Self Service or Scheduled Runs

VirtDB Data Unfolder enables SAP users to export any part of their data to popular formats, like Tableau extracts, CSV or Excel.right from  the users regular SAP UI. No IT expertise is required to run the extracts. The extract runs can also be scheduled as full or incremental SAP data loads right from the standard SAP job scheduling interface and parallel execution provides minimum execution time.

Add or Modify Fields

The users can easily modify reports, replace values, create calculated fields in SAP ALV lists and associated data extracts without coding. The modified report definitions can be shared and reused between authorized users.

For more information about Data Unfolder click here!.


Instant Insights

Context sensitive analytics to make better business decisions, by embedding dashboards into SAP GUI.

SAP reports are great when it comes to operational data, but it’s hard to truly understand numbers without proper visual representation. Instant Insights combines the capabilities of the best BI tools like Tableau, Qlik and Spotfire and the leading ERP tools –  SAP.

Open SAP entities from Tableau

Something interesting came up? Drill down to SAP entity level by clicking on Tableau marks with the new Bridge function.

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Creation and Execution of OpenSQL commands

Enter any kind of query and see the results instantly in an ALV grid. All syntax variations work fine including all table join types, subqueries, group functions etc.You can use the result of a query as the base of a “SELECT FOR ALL ENTRIES” query. Many handy features help you to develop and test your queries e.g.Table Join Assistant and Field Selection Wizard. You don’t have to hassle with writing table joins yourself, the Table Join Assistant will do it for you.You can define the field list without typing by simply selecting the fields you need. Writing SQL queries becomes easy, fast and error free.

Key Features for ABAP developers and SAP Consultants

  • Create and optimize OpenSQL queries
  • Join tables using the Table Join Assistant
  • Display query results in an ALV grid
  • Test queries without Z reports
  • Easy ad-hoc reporting


  • Cut software development time
  • Reduce testing and maintenance efforts
  • Improve code quality


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STA Report Generator

Create customizable ABAP reports based on OpenSQL queries

Would you like to generate ABAP reports in just a few minutes. This is now possible with the STA  Report Generator from STA Consulting. Why spend a long time for basically mundane  programming tasks?

The STA solution will generate complex reports and the resulting Z-programs can be implemented into production via normal transports. The time savings are large and will free the ABAP programmers to perform more complex and demanding work. For more information click