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Winshuttle MDM Solutions

Winshuttle is widely used to manage  SAP and Master Data. This section of the website covers SAP MDM. Winshuttle is used for day to day operational MDM processes as well as ad-hoc type of work and data cleansing.Day to day work may include routine Material, Customer, Vendor creation, Extension and Closing related tasks. Within HCM, hiring processes have been automated in many companies.Ad-hoc type of tasks may include e.g. reorganization related task affecting many department, e.g Finance, Sales and Distribution, HR.Following are some examples from  HR, FI, MM users explaining in which type of tasks products have been used.


In Human Capital Management the possibilities to use mass uploads relate are for example to organizational changes where new business units are established and people are moved over from other business units.  Similar type of situation exist when new companies that have been acquired needs to be merged. Outotec, a Finnish technology company in the steel industry and a Winshuttle customer was able to accomplish 2 company mergers with approx. 300 and 400 employees in only 2 hours by using Winshuttle products according to Riikka Kämäräinen. The development of the scripts to perform the took only 2 hours. The time to collect the data is of course not included in these times but that task has to be done anyway regardless of the method of applying the changes. Riikka Kämäräinen, Senior Manager, Global Support Model and Servicedesk, told us that when they have moved employees from other Outotec to SAP, the data has always been updated with Winshuttle. Such data include e.g. work schedule rules, personnel data, address information, bank accounts. For this purpose, they have developed Excel forms that are easy to use to collect the information. The actual data uploads take usually a couple of hours. It is safe to say that the  merger work takes about half a day per merged company. We at Outotec use Winshuttle, for example, cost center changes. Creating an update run and running it for over 1000 cost centers takes only a couple of hours working time. According to Riikka Kämäräinen, any changes that include more than 30 changes are much faster to implement with Winshuttle compared to manual dialogues.

Several other companies run mass changes or data uploads are e.g. hiring processes where summer interns are hired, salary changes to a large population are implemented, bonus payments as well as any other info type changes.


At Stora Enso in Sweden 6 papermills have been using Winshuttle approx. one year. Ann-Sofi Boqvist, Documentation Technician at Stora Enso Hylte found Winshuttle at SAPSA Impuls in Stockholm in 2014.  Winshuttle is mainly used in the PM module in conjunction with mass uploads in the project activities but also on a daily basis in order to get System Positions, drawings FU in an early stage of the projects.

The real challenge for the Winshuttle product came when 3 Plants had to be merged into one Plant. All data within PM was migrated as well as parts of MM and FICO.

A lot of preparation and data cleansing was done before the migration that was done during one weekend.

In summary, Ann-Sofi tells that she cannot really imagine how the work could have been done without Winshuttle. If the Winshuttle product would not have been available the work would have taken much longer. Now Winshuttle is used in PM in the day to day operational work and the usage of the product has also been expanded to FICO in Finland

Usage statistics

Winshuttle is used by over 100 SAP user organizations in the Nordic countries already and one could claim that it has become a ‘de facto’ standard tool. We made a simple statistical analysis (in September 2016) where the population was 60 Nordic companies representing both small users as well as some large users, but not the largest enterprises. During a period of last 12 months over 600 different SAP transactions and over 100 Z-transaction dialogues were automated (or had been automated already before). During the time period, a number of transaction records executed in data loads or updates were 133 milj. records.  Based on the data it is not possible to calculate exact time savings as the statistics do not show how many different data fields were involved in respective transactions and whether the execution contained a small amount of data but a number of SAP records processed automatically compared with a situation where users would enter the data may suggest how large the impact is on productivity.

At the Winshuttle User Groups, numerous customers share their experience with the delegates and the presentations are usually available on Winshuttle website. Click here for recent presentations form User Groups.