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About the Training

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The training language is English, except in the case that all students are fluent in Finnish, the training language is Finnish.
The cost of the total course (6 modules) is 1200€ (not inc tax), if all 6 modules are purchased at the same time.
A person can attend each of the modules with a 6 month period, but not any one module more than once.
Individual modules cost 245€, and it is recommended that you have attended the previously numbered module ie, you should attend module 4 before attended module 5.
In addition to public courses, you can tailor your own course based on your needs.
Please contact us for more information.

Session #1

Module 1.1 Winshuttle basics

The ‘Record-Map-Run’ -process

Module 1.2 Read from SAP

Extracting data from SAP 

Session #2

Module 2.1 Loop functionality

Do while loops & multiline functionality

Module 2.2 Excel forms

Cell based mapping

Module 2.3 Recording modes

Overview of various recording modes

Session #3

Module 3.1 Dynamic scripts

Introduction to script conditions

Skip screen, Conditional update

Adding missing screens

Module 3.2 Linked scripts

Creating script chains

Session #4

Module 4.1 File attachments

Adding file attachments with Winshuttle

Module 4.2 Long texts

Managing long texts with Winshuttle

Module 4.3 Runner usage

Publishing scripts

The Excel add-in

Module 4.4 Troubleshooting

Solving common script issues

Reporting issues to Adsotech

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