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Winshuttle’s precise Business Value Assessment tool is another example of the Winshuttle team going above and beyond their competition, by allowing you to estimate potential productivity benefits.

Based on over 500 million SAP records updates from thousands of customers, Winshuttle’s BVA compares your current SAP usage (i.e. transaction durations) with the baseline transactional data from Winshuttle users.  After correlating your current SAP usage with median Winshuttle transaction times, the BVA estimates your specific transaction improvement opportunities based on time savings and cost reductions.

Check out the clip below where ADSOTECH Account Manager, David Nelson, walks you through the BVA basics.

For a rough estimation of your savings with Winshuttle, check out the ROI calculator.

For more general information on Winshuttle’s BVA, check out the Winshuttle website.

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