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The Adsotech Customer Success Program is a free of charge initiative, designed to ensure our key customers get the most out of their Adsotech partnership and solutions.

To fully and regularly cooperate, we arrange scheduled recurring calls (monthly, quarterly or twice a year) with key users and stakeholders within the following framework:

  • Creating a user community within your organization to discuss successes, challenges and development areas as well share user experiences, ideas and knowledge.

  • Updates both sides: new product features and developments by Precisely, changes in business or in SAP landscape emphasizing future needs and usage.

  • Feature introductions to develop users’ skills, increase product adoption, encourage to explore and inspire further usage.

  • Meetings with our support to provide tips and tricks.

  • Introduction to new business units to expand knowledge for   interests and potential new users to show what all you can do with our product.

  • Individual interviews, analysis of usage (permission and data needed) and statistical analysis if requested.

  • Events, Focus Groups, User Community, Case Studies/ Guest Speakers to introduce new ways of working.

Our customer success program is designed to provide continuous support, enable ongoing learning and foster growth for our clients. By combining support, learning opportunities and strategic guidance, we empower our clients to maximize their success with our solutions and achieve their business objectives.

All our trainings are introduced on Studio Developer Training | To get the most out of your Precisely Automate Studio with us please contact:

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