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business process automation services


We do development work on Precisely Automate solutions, helping our customers automate their business processes and get the most out of their investment. The largest solutions are used globally by over 2000 users.

Script development

Based on user requirements, Adsotech consultants can develop complex scrips for customers who do not necessarily have the resources or the skill and knowledge to do development work. These development tasks typically take 1 to 5 days. The work can be done remotely​​ in most cases.

Workflow Application Development

The development of workflows is a longer process than script development. The first tasks in completing this process are to do with requirement specification of the application. Thereafter follows script and form development, unit testing, system testing and finally user acceptance testing.

Development projects typically take at least 3-4 weeks but often much longer. Heavy involvement and use of customer resources is needed in the requirement, specification and user acceptance testing stages.

Contact us directly via email at or through the portal below to maximize the return on your investment in Precisely software! 

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