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Our SAP Security offering consists of Pathlock's three SAP Security Suites, each containing 5 modules. The suite's are truly modular, which allows us to deliver highly customizable solutions for our customers based on their actual needs and specifications.

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We deliver hollistic SAP Security solutions based on Pathlock's three suites. 

Application Access Governance Suite

Pathlock's Application Access Governance Suite is a set of five modules that enables organizations to effectively manage and control user access to their applications and digital resources. 

Continuous Controlls Monitoring Suite

Pathlock’s Continuous Controls Monitoring Suite is a set of five modules that provide comprehensive oversight and automated monitoring of various internal controls and regulatory requirements. 

Cybersecurity Application Controls Suite

Pathlock's Cybersecurity Suite for your critical applications is a set of five modules which continuously secure your key SAP systems and prevent avoidable and costly downtime.

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