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Application Access Governance involves managing access to digital resources through processes like Access Risk Analysis, Compliant Provisioning, Certifications (User Access Reviews and Risk Reviews), Elevated Access Management, and Role Management. This is a lot to keep track of without a centralized solution.  

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The solution - Pathlock's Application Access Governance Suite

Pathlock's Application Access Governance Suite is a set of five modules that enables organizations to effectively manage and control user access to their applications and digital resources. This suite helps to minimize the risk of unauthorized access, enhance data security, streamline the access management process, and ensures that users have appropriate and secure access privileges based on their roles. 

  • Access Risk Analysis automates segregation of duties (SoD) and sensitive access risk analysis and reporting. There are pre-set, easily customizable rulesets, guaranteeing quick time-to-value for organization and reducing risk and costs with an automated approach to risk analysis. 

  • Compliant Provisioning provides fine-grained analysis of user risk prior to provisioning and automates access provisioning with risk scoring and policy-based workflow. 

  • Certifications solution automates user access review so that organizations can accurately and quickly recertify access. Workflows eliminate spreadsheets, buried emails, and chasing down absent-minded reviewers. 

  • Elevated Access Management allows organizations to streamline their elevated access processes, while meeting audit and security requirements. The automated process with built-in workflows reduces the need for additional IT resources while adding additional layers of security. 

  • Role Management solution is a powerful, visual role builder and manager which enables to assess the audit readiness and quality of current roles, while also providing the ability to design new roles that have been validated for compliance through simulations and 'what if' analysis. The fine-grained role design facilitates the creation of roles that can dynamically adhere to access policies, thereby promoting compliance. 

Key Application Access Governance Suite Benefits

  • Enhanced security through controlled access to applications and digital resources. 

  • Streamlined access management leading to operational efficiency. 

  • Reduced risk of unauthorized access and potential breaches. 

  • Ensured compliance with access policies and role-based privileges. 

Let's get into more detail about Pathlock's Application Access Governance Suite! Contact us through the portal below!

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